Frank Henry Rarick

Rachael (Carey) Rarick

Altha Mary, Artha Emily & Kate Arabelle Rarick

1912-Standing in front of the Rarick home in Kalamo:   L-R - Altha Rarick, Lulu Rarick, Elizabeth (Meyer) Rarick, Hazel Rarick, Frank H. Rarick, Kate Rarick Webb, Dorr Webb, Artha Rarick


By: Cheryl Haas


     My great-grandfather, Frank Henry RARICK, was born 29 April 1854 in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, the son of Samuel and Celestia Arabella (CLARK) RARICK. About 1861 Samuel and Arabella, along with their 5 children: Mary, Edwin, Frank, Charles and William moved from Ohio to Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan, where Samuel bought land in Concord Township and began farming. After a few years Samuel sold that land and moved to Kalamo where he worked as a farm laborer. In a biographical letter that Frank wrote in 1938 at 84 years of age, he remembers being paid 5 cents for hauling logs that were cleared off their land in Charlotte for the new owner. He proudly boasts that he still had the 1853 nickel. (My sister has the nickel in her possession now, 2002).

     Samuel was also a carpenter and he volunteered his time and skills to help build a church in Kalamo. The entry from Frank’s letter reads: “In about the year 1869 or 1870 in Kalamo, Michigan with a number of others - Joseph GRIDLEY as leader and Father (Samuel) as a carpenter - we went into the woods to cut the timber that would be needed to finish a brick church.  We all knelt and Mr. GRIDLEY and Father prayed that God would lead us in our work of building the church.  We cut the timber and Father donated to haul the sand to lay the brick.  He was allowed $25 for hauling the sand and I did most of the hauling.  I also helped haul the brick.  Our minister was Rev. BENNIT and he stripped off his coat and helped to unload the brick.  We worshiped in that church a good many years and it stands today (1938).”

     Frank married Ida Eugenia FOX, b. about 1858, in Kalamo, Michigan on 24 September 1874. Ida died in childbirth at age 17 in 1875. The child also died. The story is told that Frank was so distraught at her funeral that they had to restrain him from jumping into the grave with the casket.

     Frank married (2nd) 5 March 1879 in Kalamo, Eaton County, Michigan, Antoinette C. ACKLEY, b. 26 May 1850 in Kalamo. Their son, Henry “Harry” RARICK was b. 14 December 1879 and died 20 March 1880. Their daughter, Lulu Jerusha RARICK was b. 9 December 1881 in Kalamo. In January of 1884, Frank became ill with erysipelas (what we call today a “strep” infection). The doctor told Antoinette, who was pregnant with their third child, that she should not be around Frank and that she should leave his care to others. She didn’t take the doctor’s advice, however, and developed the same infection. It took her life and that of the unborn baby on 10 January 1884. Frank was only 30 years old and had lost two wives and three children. He was very despondent, but had the care of his farm and his young daughter, Lulu.

     Sometime before 1883, Frank’s older brother, Edwin C. RARICK had migrated to South Dakota where land was virtually free. There were vast prairies and the railroad ensured that needed supplies could be found in the area. So Frank moved with his daughter to Clark County, SD about 1886 or 1887. He was granted a land patent there and, eventually, a homestead. At the church he helped to build in Bradley, Clark Co., SD, he met a young woman who had come from Ontario, Canada to Bradley with her family in 1885. Rachel CAREY was b. 14 December 1861 in Euphemia Township, Lambton County, Ontario, the daughter of George and Emily (WRIGHT) CAREY. She and Frank were married in Garden City, Clark County, South Dakota on 6 March 1889. They had three daughters in 4 years: Altha Mary RARICK, b. 5 May 1890, Artha Emily RARICK, b. 27 January 1892, and Kate Arabelle RARICK, b. 1 April 1893. The family settled on the homestead in Bradley.

     Frank’s other brother, William Bruso RARICK had also migrated to South Dakota and settled just north of Bradley in Day County. He married and started his family there. In the summer of 1897, Frank went into “town” to get some supplies when a summer “electrical” storm blew in. On his way home, he stopped by his brother’s place, which was only two or three miles from his own farm, to dry off and rest. His brother tried to talk him into staying over night, but Frank felt unsettled and said he needed to get home. As he rode into the yard, he saw his wife, Rachel, lying on the ground. It was evident that she had gone out to get the animals into the barn when the storm began and she had been struck and killed by lightning. The four young daughters were huddled terrified in the house. 

     Frank had suffered another tragic loss and now was a widower for the third time with four young daughters to raise. It wasn’t easy, but he had support from friends, family and his church. His sister-in-law, Julia (SJOLIE) RARICK, wife of William, was especially worried about him. When a young man was visiting friends in Bradley and attended their church, Julia asked him if he knew of any older “spinster” who would be a good mother to four young girls. The young man, who was from New York, said he did, indeed, know a likely candidate. With the information he supplied, Frank began corresponding with Elizabeth Marie MEYER, a 30-year-old “spinster” who was a buyer at a large New York City department store. After some months and many letters, Frank traveled to New York, met and proposed to Elizabeth and she came to South Dakota where they were married 17 May 1900. When Elizabeth realized she was expecting their first child, she encouraged Frank to move back to Michigan where it was a bit more “civilized”. So, in 1901, the Frank RARICK family returned to Kalamo, Eaton County, Michigan. They eventually bought a farm in Nashville, Barry County, Michigan.

     Frank continued to farm and to use his skills as a carpenter to help build houses and also the M. E. church in Nashville, Barry County, Michigan. Frank and Elizabeth’s daughter, Hazel Frances Antoinette RARICK was born in Michigan and all the girl’s, except Lulu, attended school and married there. Lulu had married in South Dakota and eventually went west to California.

     Kate was the first of Rachel’s daughters to marry. She married Dorr WEBB, b. 1889 in Hastings, Barry County, Michigan in 1913. In Barry County, Michigan, Altha married Raymond Benn HAWES, 31 August 1914 in Nashville, Barry Co., MI. Ray was born 12 August 1893 in Vermontville, Eaton County, Michigan, a son of Arthur Joseph and Myrtie (BENN) HAWES. Artha married Glenn LAKE on16 June 1928 in Toledo, OH. Glenn was born 8 March 1897 in Coopersville, Ottowa County, Michigan.

     Frank’s daughter Lulu visited the family after she had moved to California. With her glowing reports of the wonderful climate and the great job opportunities, Frank and Elizabeth decided, in 1924, to move to California. Frank bought a car, taught himself to drive, packed their things and headed west. I’m told he had to have three sets of brakes put on as he kept burning them out when he was going up and down the mountains on his trip west.

     My grandfather and grandmother, Ray and Altha (RARICK) HAWES, along with my uncle, Kendall HAWES, b. 31 October 1915 in Nashville, Barry County, Michigan, and my mother, Phyllis Irene HAWES, b. 30 May 1919 in Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan came to Oakland, California in the spring of 1924, shortly after Frank and Elizabeth. 

Journal Info

      This is the travel journal of my grandmother, Altha Mary (RARICK) HAWES, written during her two-month trip, by train, from Oakland, California to Eaton County, Michigan. Altha and her family (husband Ray HAWES and two children Kendall and Phyllis) had moved from Nashville/Vermontville, Michigan to Oakland, California in the summer of 1924. Altha was taking this trip to help her half-sister, Hazel (RARICK) SMITH return home to Iowa and then to continue on to Michigan to visit family and friends, especially her two sisters, Kate (RARICK) WEBB and Artha RARICK (later m. Glenn LAKE).

     The surnames mentioned in this journal are as follows: Ackley, Albion, Baker, Bassett, Bauman, Bresnaham, Buck, Bullis, Burd, Coleman, Conklin, Davis, Elmer, Eruth, Faust, Feighner, Fortney, Furness, Gates, Ghuyer, Gibson, Graham, Green, Hall, Harmon, Harris, Hawes, Huffman, Hull, Humphrey, Kelly, Kocher, La Paul, Langdon, Litmarsh, Mason, Matu, McCormick, Nelson, Parks, Rarick, Reynolds, Roache, Schuster, Shavers, Slant, Smith, Snoke, Stratton, Swanson, Traxler, Van Vleet, Wagnor, Webb, and White. 

     I left the punctuation, abbreviations, and spelling as it was originally written and only added some surnames (in brackets) when they weren’t given, but were known to me. 

     I hope you enjoy reading this account of travel and visiting in 1925. I especially enjoyed seeing the accounting of my grandmother’s expenses at the end of the journal.


AUGUST 15, 1925 TO OCTOBER 30, 1925

(On her trip from Oakland, California to Michigan) 

Left on Southern Pacific 

Aug. 15, 1925:  Left Oakland via San Francisco to Los Angeles - Lulu & Dave [KESSLER] came as far as San Francisco with us. Train left 7:45 A.M. all's well so far - 12:55 we are nearing the ocean - 150 mi ride along the Pacific coast. Sure warm now. 10 min wait in Monta Reca here they take on extra engine to make trip over San Lucas mts - will be 1500 ft. above sea level - Horse shoe curve - close windows (order of porter) going thru 5 tunnels in 6 minutes - one is 1 1/4 mi. long - 10 min. wait in San Luis Obispo -- hot, Oh my -- Oakland would seem pretty good right now -- 1:58 just leaving will soon see the ocean. 2:15 ocean view, oil fields are many. Judy & I got out on observation car - happened to each get a seat -- I got Reece [sic – Rhys SMITH] asleep first. He's a jumpie little jigger. We are enjoying the ocean run now. It's simply wonderful. Just passed Point Junta famous rocks where so many boats were destroyed -- The ocean is grand now. 3:25 It’s a little foggy and sun is trying to shine thru it on water so makes a wonderful scene -- The water looks dark greenish blue now, white caps show up so beautiful -- are passing oil wells in the ocean -- the water looks oily. Have met a very nice lady from Missouri. 4:05 no fog now, sun shining so lovely - the ocean and mts are beyond describing, so beautiful. Our train is now in view of Santa Barbara Islands, we will soon be in ;the famous city of Santa Barbara -- it is now 4:25 - we are stopping for a short time. Our train is now in view of Santa Barbara. We can see the Calif. Hotel which was partly demolished by earthquake. We have just passed thru Santa B - our train pulled real slowly thru the quake district. There were a good many buildings tumbled to ruins - just the inside walls of Calif. Hotel are left to view. It's now 4:55. We are cooler now - will arrive in Los Angeles 7:45 if train's on time. Have a pleasant trip so far. It's now 6:35 we are just entering the longest tunnel on the coast 1 2/5 mi. thru -- there we're out, took 6 min. in tunnel. Another tunnel, short one this time - we're right in the mts. - have lost view of ocean. Junior & Rhys have been so good so made the trip nicer. The orange groves - grape arbors - in fact everything is grand on this scenic limited trip to Los Angeles. Waiting for st. car - arrived on time. Had quite a time finding Lawrence [FISHER]. While I was telephoning he came in sight - took us 2 1/2 hrs to get out here. Tired and sleepy – Edith [(RARICK) FISHER] is fine – Myra [(RARICK) BELIER] is here. I am glad to see her. It's 10:30 we're going to eat.

Aug. 17, 1925:  Monday - we're on the Santa Fe train all situated. Mon. noon  - Lawrence came to visit with us. Had a lovely time with Edith and L - saw all the girls and their families and nicer girls I never saw. Hollywood mts - you can see from Edith's front door. They are sure wonderful. Los Angeles is sure a busy place. I never saw the traffic so congested in our place before as here. Our train is just leaving 12:20 - 20 min late. I have a funny feeling. There's a young girl across from us bidding goodbye to her friends - but I'm going to enjoy the trip. Just left Pasadena, Cal. 12:50 - getting warmer. Rhys is getting fussy. I got Rhys to sleep now Judy & I are out on the observation car. It's hot and dusty. Everything is dry looking. We will cross the desert tonite. I'll be glad. We got too hot out on observation car so we came back. It's now 6:10 Aug. 17, '25. I got Rhys to sleep while Jill & Judy have gone in to eat dinner - We are rambling right along - can't see anything but sand & hills. We are so dirty already

Tues. A.M.:  I'm waiting for Jill to come back from breakfast so Judy and I can go in - The kids are asleep. It's now 8:15 Calif. Time. Had a good nites sleep - like the upper berth fine. We are still in the desert - I'll bet it will be dusty today - It's cooler so far. Had breakfast - Judy & I are riding on observation car. Isn't dusty - had a rain - everything looks so fresh. We are having a delightful ride. 12:20 Cal. Time - In New Mexico. It's been raining all way since entering state - everything looks lovely and it's much nicer traveling. We aren't so dusty. Jill & Judy have gone back in observation car. I just got Rhys to sleep - am going to read. 1:05 we've come into a storm - Just thundered - first I've heard in some time - seems like dear old Mich. We are sure in a rain storm now - can't see very far the storm is so bad. 1:30 clear again.  6:40 Our train stopped at Albuquerque 45 min. I got off and had dinner. Got some fruit to eat on train. Wish I had gotten some souvenirs of the Indians for kids. There were hundreds of Indians at depot selling their beads - bows & arrows etc. We just passed an Indian settlement - they were thrashing grain. They thrash it by throwing it up in the air with a fork. The country looks barren along here - Indian houses are made of mud - doughbie houses. 6:00 raining again. We're on the observation car and its lightning - Judy went on inside - I'll go soon. Just talking to a man from Long Beach about evolution. He's an old guy but seems to know his onions.

Aug. 19,-'25:  We're at Uncle Will's [RARICK] - Uncle W-was at the depot to meet us - had a pleasant ride out a wonderful day. Aunt Julia [(SJOLIE) RARICK] had a lovely breakfast ready. We are leaving tomorrow P.M. Sure enjoying our stay here. The Japanese family came up to see us. The wonderful cantlopes best I ever ate. 5:15 Jill, Kids & I went to Ladies Aid with Aunt Julia had a nice time and nice refreshments - apricot ice cream, angel food cake - brown cake & ice tea. I am lonesome tonite - so wrote Ray a letter. I got to content myself now and have a nice visit. Had a real thunder storm this P.M. I guess that’s the cause of the blues. Aunt J- had a chix [chicken] dinner.

Aug. 20:  We're flying around getting ready to make our departure this P.M. Wrote Ray [HAWES] an air letter last nite - Had a nice visit with Aunt Julia & Uncle Will - Aunt J showed us all the old relics of Grandma & Grandpa RARICK - after we went to bed Aunt J fixed some apple butter that Grandma RARICK made 74 yrs ago - I took a little jar to dad & Kate. It was sure wonderful tasting and quite a novelty. 1:55 - Here we are at the depot waiting for the train. Aunt Julia and Uncle Will have gone home. Uncle W. wanted to get in his hay - we have 3/4 hour wait. Had a lovely time, am glad we stopped over. Aunt J is a scream. 2:20 Judy & I are on the observation car. Jill and I finally got a section. We thot we would have to have 2 uppers - but conductor located us our section - much better. Had a terrible time getting on train with our luggage. The great time I had getting the porters mixed, tipped one twice - oh boy, I'll bet he thot we were whole hearted. But such wasn't case. 5:20 Out on observation car again Judy & I - Have had our lunch - so are enjoying the ride.

Aug. 21 -'25:  On different road again. Had a good nite's rest. Met a very pleasant man last nite on the observation care. We visited untill train stopped at Dodge. Time went ahead 1 hr at this place - we are on a rotten train R & PP R.R., it's a local and have to change - I sure hate this as our baggage is so heavy. Will be glad when we get to the end of journey. It's nice and sunny here. Got into Kansas City 7:40 this A.M. and left 8:40. Had a nice red cap to help us. Hazel & Judy had breakfast but I didn't have time tho - don't know when I'll eat. Just passing over the Missouri river. Remember when Ray, kids & I passed over it over a year ago - wish I could see them now. This is a local train and they are taking their own time. Beginning to look more like Mich. This is sure a fast state. Got the Sunday papers out on Friday. Looks fine to see the lovely fields of corn. 1:05 ate dinner at Trenton, Missouri 20 min. - pork & apple sauce all the trimmings. 3:10 On the last train to Des Moines and we're not sorry. The conductor on last train wasn't going to honor my ticket to Des Moines thot he knew more than Oakland agent but didn't have any time about it with this conductor. Rhys is sleeping nice now. Nice all the way so far.

Aug 22nd:  It's Sat - I haven't had time to keep up this diary. Arrived 35 min late, tired, dusty and everything else. Lester LANGDON was there to meet us in Earl's sedan. We went direct to the hospital to see Earl. He was as happy as a kid to see his family. We had a lovely supper at Langdon's also staid there that night. Hazel & Lester went up to see Earl, I got Judy to bed, helped with the dishes and went to bed. Today we've had a day cleaning up the house. It being shut up so long was pretty dusty - but we got thru so Hazel went to hospital and brot Earl home. He was glad to get here and is looking fine. He's walked around lots - hope he doesn't overdo. 10:10 Sat nite - Well we’ve had a nice visit - got the air mail from Ray to sign the Deed of Trust - signed and sent back…well I guess its bed time.

Sun eve, Aug 23rd:  This has been a long day to me - Hazel has had a headache so I've had all the meals to get. Cleaned a chix and had for dinner. Earl is feeling much better. I can hardly wait for Wed. to come but I'm lonesome for those back in Calif. It's now 9:07 going to bed.

Aug. 25th:  Waiting for breakfast. Washed and ironed yesterday. Had an early supper so Earl could go to the hospital for a dressing. He and I sure scrap. But we kissed and made up tonite - it's all in fun.

Aug 26:  Didn't do much today. An awful hot one. Hazel went to an aluminum demonstration. Dad SMITH came over and we went for a nice long ride. Sure enjoyed the evening. Met Mrs. SMITH & Maybelle too tonite. They seemed very nice. No mail and I'm lonesome.

Aug 27: Had a letter from Art [Artha RARICK] today and she's on her way here. We will soon be sailing to Mich. I hope Kate [(RARICK) WEBB]doesn't know I'm on my way. A lovely cool day. Dad SMITH was down to supper. A man came to call on Earl - when we got our dishes done Hazel and I took him home. Drove thru the Fort, but wasn't much to see, all was dark.

Friday:  Haven't written in my diary for two days now. Thurs. Hazel sick all day. She and I had a good talk on making the best of everything. She is sure a baby - can work on Earl's feelings alright. Earl & I had a nice visit. Mr. S came in evening and took me to a show and afterwards we met Art at the 11:45 train. Had a jolly time with Mr. S - he's a good entertainer. Art kissed Mr. S at train, said she thot it was Earl, but that was all bull. We had a good laugh on her.

Fri Aug 28:  Rather a long day - didn't sleep much last nite. Art & I talked so long. Hazel dumping around all day. Art & I had our hair cut. Tonite Mr. S came over and took all us girls to the State Fair which is here this week. We had a lovely time. The fire works were simply grand - best I've ever seen. The entertainments were wonderful too. Mr. S took us to a side show - Bathing Girls. He sure was a good scout and wasn't stingy either. Got home 12:15 Earl was still up. He's coming fine. We are going on tonite to Mich on the 11:45 train. We haven't had one bit of word from home and I'm getting pretty lonesome. I'm now waiting in Earl's car down on corner of Grand Ave. & 12th while Hazel and Earl are in Dr. office. Hazel had a swelling in her feet.

Aug. 30, Sunday:  Here we are in Chicago waiting for the train. Stated last nite. Had a safe journey and are so thankful. Mr. SMITH took us to train as Earl wasn't able to drive the car. He bot us 3 boxes of candy. Sure treated us lovely. Our train left 11 sharp. The Dr. said Hazel had erisiples - but she's coming o.k. Artha is down trying to get my ticket routed same way as hers. Here we are on train - stopping at every cow path. We sure had a tiresome wait in Chicago for our train. Ate a hurried breakfast in Chicago and then stood nearly 1 hr for our train. Will be bone tired before we get there. Train is crowded -  G.A.R. from Kansas going to Grand Rapids. Just ate our dinner in the diner. Waiter told us this train is a special from K. City. We happened on by mistake - but by so doing will get into G.R. earlier. Are not mad over that. I stopped in toilet. Art thot I fell off train Ha!Ha! 12:15 Just in Dowagic - haven't made many stops. Gee! But it sure are hot. 3:25 In five min. we're on our last lap of our journey and I'm not sorry. Wonder if Kate suspects me coming. 4:45 Are just leaving Hastings - such a funny feeling as I have - the place looks the same - soon will be in Nashville. Was so tired didn't write last nite. Reached Nashville about on time. Fay GREEN brot us out. 1:25 Kate and Dorr [WEBB] were at their dad's. We found mail came here for us so we thot sure Kate surmised I was on my way but I guess she didn't by way she acted. She nearly had a fit. I sure had to laugh. She thot it couldn't be possible it was me. Dorr had to drive down after our suitcases. Louie, Lucille, & I went along and then they didn't come. Thundered and lightened last nite - seemed natural. Had a good sleep last nite.

Aug. 31st:  A lovely day. We washed - Had an air letter from Ray today which made me feel good I’ll say. First letter I've gotten since I've left Calif. Hope I hear every day. Dorr and I got the suit cases today. Saw a good many of the old friends today. Hope to see them more. Have had a nice day - enjoyed the visit so far, all us girls together. The kids have grown so much.

Tues. Sept. 1st:  A nice day, but seemed so long. Wrote several letters & cards. Didn't get any mail. Dorr had thrashers - had them tonite for supper. His oats turned out good. Will thrash wheat in the morning so Kate will have them for breakfast. I feel blue tonite. No word from home.

Wed.:  A lovely day. Nothing much to do only visit. Baby is sure nice.

Thurs:  Dorr cut hay this A.M. No mail from Ray, but one from mother. Phyllis is fine and dandy. Artha and I left at noon with Dorr for Nashville. Called on MASONs, Dr. BAKER, Edna FURNESS, Mrs. GIBSON, Miss KOCHER - seemed good to see them all, but I'm anxious to see them all in Cal. We arrived in Charlotte on time. After supper I called on H & Lois [HAWES]. Harry looks all tired out. We took a ride out to find Carl [HAWES], but he had flown. Washed my head this A.M. Well we took Art to the train. It seemed terrible to me, as she wasn't sure if she could get home again before I leave or not. Called on Mrs. Chas HUMPHREY, but they weren't home so I thot I'd go down and see Goodie and Clarence. They are same as ever - Clarence is still working delivering groc. Will visit them later. Came back to Doc's and Roger drove me down to Harry's. After supper Lois & I called on Mrs. STRATTON. She's the same old dear lady. While there I called Sadie over the phone and they couldn't wait untill week from Sun to see me. They drove out last nite. Was so glad to see them. Have a nice baby. We got to bed 11:30. Called Lee today - she's so anxious to see me and I her.

Sept 5: An awful warm day. I helped Lois with the work, took a nap, and here we are on the lawn visiting. Ma HAWES [Myrtie (BENN) HAWES] is here too. Looks like rain. It's the same atmosphere I wouldn't want to live here at all. Been talking about A.J. [Arthur Joseph HAWES] and his small deals with his kids. We sat on porch after supper untill it began to rain. Lois & I intended to go up town, but rained so couldn't.

Sunday, Sept 6:  Still raining. Harry [HAWES] got up early and went to church much against his wishes. Rained hard all A.M. but Harry, Lois, & Mother H took me over her to Kates. Kate & Dorr were away so I had a long wait alone. There was 2 cards and a letter from Lulu here, but no word from Ray. I felt just awful blue. I guess he's having a gay time with Bill. I am lonesome today. Carl was at Harry's to dinner.

Sept. 7:  Labor Day but we washed. Cleared up and is a nice day. Willie BARNES' were here for a visit this A.M. Intended to go to Nashville after tomatoes but changed their minds. Kids started to school - still lonely. Went to bed 8:30. Lucille slept with me - she's some kicker.

Sept 8: A nice A.M. Just washed the dishes. Hope I get some mail today from Ray. Got to iron soon as irons are hot. Didn't sleep good at all. I am good and homesick. Well I got a short note from Ray so I feel different. Dorr & I went over to WEBBs and got 1 1/2 bu. peaches and Kate & I canned them this P.M. Went to bed early. Rained in nite.

Sept. 9:  Wrote 3 letters - one to Mrs. Withrow, Ray & dad. Got 2 letters from Ray which pleased me so much. This P.M. Dorr took me to Nashville so I'm here with Mary & Fred having a delightful time. Saw Jennie & Fred NELSON up town. John MASON is dead. I sent word to folks. Sure had a bad storm last nite. Thundered and lightened terrible. I slept upstairs. Didn't sleep much. Fred is fat as ever. Not much doing. Listed dad's lots, also sent W. LITMARSH a letter for note he owes dad. Went to bed real early - 8 bells.

Sept 10:  Just got home from an afternoon riding. 9:30 Went, Mary & I, with Fred to Lake Odessa & Ionia. Sure was a nice ride. I bot a dress & hose. Mary bot a blanket. We called on Bill & Stella MATU (?) They had a good time relating old times. Stella has a little boy to raise. This A.M. I went up to see Mrs. Mason. He passed away and funeral tomorrow. I am tired tonite. Sure wish I could see Ray. Had a nice chicken supper in Ionia.

Sept. 11:  Raining tonite. Kate and Dorr were coming over and we were going to Em Ereth's to spend evening - so I won't get to Kates untill later now. Went to Mr. MASON's funeral and out to grave yard with Mrs. Maud MASON, Myrtie RYAN and Maud FURNESS. Went up town and got Kendall's money from Bank. Got a nice letter from folks and Lee - but none from Ray. I wonder what he's doing tonite. Fred has been out selling coal all day. Mr. & Mrs. WAGNOR (agent at depot) were here to supper. Had a pleasant evening. Wrote letter to folks. It's 8:45 now. Goodnite.

Sept 12:  Out to Kate's again. Cold today. Ironed this A.M. for Mary. After dinner we walked up town. I did a little shopping for kids. Came out with Dorby. Kate glad to see me. It's 8:20. Goodnite--

Sept. 13: Ernie & Sadie came over to dinner and I came back with them. We stopped to see Aunt Diana but her house was locked up - so we stopped at Roy VAN VLEET's and she said Aunt Diana is in Vtville is real feeble. I'll try to see her later. We drove by old farm - looks deserted. Everything looks natural. I only wish Ray & kids were here too. I'd enjoy things more. Dorby took me to see Mrs. CONKLIN this A.M. They were so glad to see me - are thinking strongly of going to Calif too. We talked untill 11 bells. So much to say.

Sept 14:  It's 3:45 P.M. Just got home from a nice ride. We went around by old farm. Stopped to Mr. FORTNEY's. Saw Rachel, saw Mrs. SCHUSTER for a minute. She said Why didn't you go over and see Mrs. KELLY, so Sadie very kindly took me over. She was just awful glad to see me. She has a nice school - am glad of it. Sadie took Mrs. COLEMAN some pickles and then we drove in to see Glenna. Brownie looks skinnie as duce. Can't see as they have improved one bit. I asked her if she'd have popcorn to eat when I came. Had chix for dinner. 10:30 P.M. Just came home from Alta DAVIS'. They have a 4 tube radio so got some nice music, so had a nice evening.

Sept 15:  A month from today I will be on my way to Calif. Can hardly wait. Went to Charlotte this A.M. Saw Lois if she could go to Vtville Sun, but they were going to Lansing. I think I'll change my plans now just a little. Sadie & I went to visit school. All the kids look so natural only grown a lot. Martie REYNOLDS is teacher. She wanted me to come back and talk to kids on Calif. Called on Venus HARMON. They have 4 kids. She is happy thru it all. It's now 7 bells here. Ray is just getting out of work. How I wish I could see the old dear. Also the kids. Won't be long now. Ernie & Sadie are out milking. I'm writing to keep from being lonesome. I'm soon off for bed. Has rained a cold rain all day. Makes me think of dear old Calif.

Sept 16: 9:30 already for bed. Is lovely tonite - was stormy all day. After we got our work all done, we went up to Alta DAVIS' for dinner. Had a chix for dinner. Staid all P.M. and visited. I embroidered. Talked with Mrs. BURD and Lee over the telephone. Mr & Mrs Jake DAVIS were here to see me tonite and spent the evening. Had a nice visit - am tired.

Sept 17:  Ernie & Sadie out milking. I'm in house with kids. It's been a nice day. Sadie washed. Got 2 letters today - from Kate and Mrs. McCORMICK. Ernie and Sadie are going to take me over to SHAVERS’ tonite. 10:25 Here I am at Merline SHAVERS. Had the best visit tonite. Could hardly get loose to go to bed. Brownie remembered me. She was so tickled and I was with her. Just read a chapter in St. John 14th. All ready for bed. We all wish kids & Ray were here.

Sept 18:  Have had such a nice visit today with Glenna. I helped her peel 1 bushel of peaches. I took 5 pictures of Brownie. I hope some of them are good. We sat on the front porch all P.M. Tonite we drove over to Mrs. ALBION's. She is getting along real well. We had a lot of fun about going over to our old farm to see how dirty it was, but we lost our nerve. Visited this evening a long time. It's now 10:20. Goodnite --

Sept 19:  Helped Glenna iron and do rest of her work. She fixed sugar cakes to take home to the kids. Tonite we went up town. I left my bag at E. DAVIS because they are going to take me to Vtville tomorrow. Saw Lee, Orville, also so many I knew. Got back here to DAVIS' about 11:30. Merlin and Glenna are sure good sports.

Sept 20:  Well here I am in V'tville. Sadie, Mrs DAVIS and her sister brot me over. Ernie helped his dad draw beans - as looks most like rain. Sadie is nervous to drive the car. Carl was here today and we had a good visit mostly about the old man, wonder if his ears burned. I called at Mrs Dan SNOKE's to see if Aunt Diana was there, but wasn't. Also at Will ROACHE’s - he's just married again. After Carl left I went over to Mrs. HALL's for awhile. Merna [HAWES] has gone to Lansing to auto races - so I'll see her in morning. I'm just awful sleepy. I couldn't sleep last nite - I'm so lonesome to see Ray and kids again. The time goes pretty slow.

Sept 21:  Monday and we washed. I did all the ironing. Merna went to her school. I'm going tomorrow to visit. It's a lovely day - quite cool last nite. When Merna came home from school we drove down town. She has a Ford coupe. We got Loyd FAUST (Merna's friend) from work at BAUMAN's. After supper we went up town and I got a hair cut. After visiting awhile we went to bed. Merna & I slept together - awful cold.

Sept 22:  I'm here at Merna's school. We just came in after noon recess. Played hide & seek with the kids. Merna is a very nice teacher, so nice with the kids - she has 19 children and has perfect control over them. I'm having a perfectly wonderful time. Still I'm lonesome for Ray & kids. It's 4:25 We just got home from Aunt Diana's. Merna drove out with her mother and I. Aunt Diana is real feeble. I was real glad to see her. We only staid a few min. as Merna had to meet Loyd. We are now rushing supper. It's cold tonite. Carl and his flussy came tonite - just a few min. and after they were gone Lloyd came. There was a show at opera house (Vern SLANT) but we didn't go, as Merna thot it wouldn't be much. So Lloyd, Merna & I played cards untill 10 bells. I slept so good last nite.

Sept 23: 5:10 here I am waiting in the depot in V'tville, going to Charlotte to C- & Goodie's. I washed this A.M. and ironed - washed my head too. Matt and I went up town and got kids money out of bank then we called on Nell HULL. She was glad I called. I ran up to Mrs HALL's a min. She sent a picture home to kids. Merna & her ma took me to depot so I'm waiting for train. I'm on train just pulled out of Chester. Soon be there. 9:35 Here I am at Clarance's - they all met me at the train. Had a nice visit this evening and now I'm ready for bed. Goodnite.

Sept 24:  Another day gone by. Goodie & I are here sitting in dining room. Clarence has just driven in. He went over to H. La PAUL's to see if they would go to dance tomorrow nite. We just had a merry chase after my mail today. Goodie & I drove out to Sadie's this A.M. and none had come there so over we went to Glenna's and none there. I was blue as duce. So tonite we drove to Kate's and she had sent a raft of them back to Charlotte. So I thot maybe it might be at DAVIS'. We didn't find D- at home, but I found my mail. I had 3 letters from Ray best of all - I am so happy now. C- is reading them now. We ran over a skunk in road and we are all stunk up. It's nice today. Had a letter from Aunt Alice.

Sept 25: We puttered around all day - and tonite we went with Mr. & Mrs. GATES to Grand Lodge to a dance. We left there about 10:30 and went to a barn dance. Had a good time with eats at midnite. Would had a better time if Ray had been along.

Sept 26: Didn't get up until 10 bells. Woke up with Clarence cussing about setting up the stove. Went up town and fixed up Merline's note. Took a ride around a bit  - went up to Willie ACKLEY's too this A.M. Well here I am at Orville and Lee's - the old gang all went to the dance at Needmore last nite. Orville is the limit any place like that. He's the same as ever. We had a nice time. It's raining tonite.

Sept 27: Had a nice visit here at home. We girls didn't do much but lay around all day. I think Orville & Lee have a nice place. The kids have grown and are much nicer than 2 yrs ago. We are ready for bed - goodnite.

Sept 28: Wrote 2 letters & 2 cards this A.M. Looks rainy. Called Nellie HUMPHREY and I'm going to their place Wed. nite. I started Phyllis' dress but didn't have enuf goods. We girls didn't do much but sat around and embroidered & visited. Had chix for dinner tonite. It's 8:15 and we're ready for bed.

Sept 29: Tues. 9:15 and I'm ready for bed. Emb. All day. My eyes were so tired tonite. Had a nice visit with Lee. Tonite we talked over olden times. Nice all day - first day of Fair. I'm leaving tomorrow. I'm glad to be on the move again. Will be more glad to get started on my homeward stretch.

Sept 30: Arose real early and after we got kids off to school we girls dressed and waited long time for bus to come. Wanted to ride to town but we started to walk and a old man picked us up and we got a free ride. We went to Goodie's for dinner - had a jolly time. And after dinner Goodie drove their car up town and we did some shopping. Lee staid with Goodie and I went over to Charlie HUMPHREY's to spend the evening. Am going to N's tomorrow. We took a ride out to see George. Mrs. MASON is here too. Geo. & Stella are fine - are in a store at Auger. Geo is same old boy - had good laughs over our times on farm. We left there about 8:30. After visiting untill 10 we went to bed. Charlie & Nellie are real anxious to go to Calif. - all they talked about was that. I slept with Mrs. MASON. She's so lonesome now and I feel real sorry for her.

Oct 1: Here I am on the train going to Nashville and I’m real glad to be on the move. Will be so glad to get started on my last long stretch. Had a lovely time with Nellie & Charlie and in fact all my trip, but I'll be glad to get home. It's a lovely day for Fair but I didn't care at all for fair. Here I am all ready for bed. My train arrived all safely on time. Kate, Dorr & baby were at train to meet me. They drove out to Em E's [ERUTH]. She wasn't there but Milo was in garden digging potatoes. Kate & I ran across road to see Alice GRAHAM. She's to be pitied - has rheumatism so badly. When we got back Em was there so we had a nice visit. We didn't stay long on our way home. I stopped at Post Office and mailed letter. Girls were here waiting patiently. I am glad to get back here with Kate. Baby has grown so nice. Had 3 letters here when I got here. Goodnite.

Oct 2: 8:20 and I'm ready for bed. Had a bad electrical storm this A.M. was dark so long I made Phyllis a dress today and cut out another one. No mail. I hope I hear tomorrow from Ray. Can hardly wait to get started. We visited a long time tonite.

Oct 3: All ready for town. I'm going to find out about my ticket also errands for dad. Just 10 bells am about ready to jump in. We, Leva & I went to town today. I called on Chas. FEIGHNER & wife - he was in Hastings, Miss Kocher, Mr & Mrs BULLIS, Mary WHITE. Went to bank, but TITMARSH hadn't paid on dad's note. Got home before dinner. I made Phyllis a dress this P.M. Kate had a party for Leva her birthday this P.M. and Mr & Mrs Milo ERUTH’s for supper. Zoe ELMER and Fernie FOX were here to spend evening. We had a good laugh at Milo - he's so funny. We've had quite an exciting day. No mail.

Oct 4: Sunday and its rained all day. We intended to go over Aunt Diana's but rained us off. Was so dark we just laid around all day. I feel blue tonite, hope all well in Calif. Soon will be leaving. I trust all will be well on my trip.

Oct 5: 8:40 ready for bed. We visited a long time tonite. We washed today and this P.M. Dorr and I went to town. I saw about my routings back home, ordered my pullman to Des Moines. Everything was closed up town for 1 hr. The HUFFMAN boy's funeral. Has been a real nice day - a little cool.

Oct 6: Rained and cold tonite. We ironed this A.M. and I cut out a dress for Phyllis. Our GRAHAM dinner. It's 8:40, we laughed and talked this evening. I'm just ready to jump in. Had a letter from Jill (or could be Zell).

Oct 7: Cold today. I finished Phyllis' dress and this P.M. Dorr is going to take me to Mrs. CONKLIN's. Here I am at CONKLIN’s. It's 11:45. We've had a lovely evening and I'm so glad I came. We are soon going to bed now. I and Mrs C darned socks and Mr C played the Edison. I went out to barn while Mrs C milked. Goodnite.

Oct 8: This Oct. 9, Friday. I just got up. Have washed. Mrs. CONKLIN is out milking so I'll write in my diary for yesterday. I was so tired I just couldn't last nite. I done up the dishes while Mrs C milked and then I laid down to wait for her and fell asleep - so when I got up was no good - went right to bed. Mr & Mrs C took a car load of truck vegetables etc. to Battle Creek yesterday so I called on Norma & Harry BASSETT. Harry is only working half day, so we all had a nice visit. Sure was glad I could see them. Ralph is a big boy now - he's about the same, so impudent to his mother. I noticed that Norma tried to have supper ready before C got there so we could eat together, but they came too soon. We drove home in 50 min. Mrs. C tried to make him drive slower, but no use. We flew home. I wish some of these natives could see our good roads in Calif. Rained hard last nite.

Oct. 9: Week from today I'll be in Des Moines. Gosh I'll be glad to get started on my trip. I expect. Dorby after me, we are going to WEBB’s for dinner. Here I am at Kate's. Supper is ready. Dorr is doing chores. We are going after Art tonite on 8:15 train. She wants to spend Sat. with me. We've had a very pleasant day at Mr & Mrs Webbs. Kate & Dorr came after me about 11 this morning. I had such a nice time at CONKLIN’s. We are all here visiting, sewing, etc. The girls & Dorr & I met Art last nite at the 8:03. I am so glad she came. Mary & Fred were at depot too so I saw them once more.

Oct 10: Had a hard frost last nite. The ground was white, looked most like snow. Have had a very pleasant day. Kate had chix dinner as Art leaves so early tomorrow. Cold today. Dorr's over to his dad's working in corn. Art and I slept together - we talked so late.

Oct 11: Sunday. Cold as winter. We took Art to train. Dorr and I as it was sleeting and Kate didn't want to take baby out. Kids went to S.S. We bid each other goodbye and laughed. It's much better than crying. This P.M. cleared up so we drove over to Dorr's folks. Ada & Walter BUCK were there. We had a lovely P.M. It's real cold. It's 7:35 going to bed

Oct 12: Washed today, looked like rain but cleared away. Dorr took me to visit the kid's school. The teacher wanted me to talk to kids, but I thanked him and begged off. I staid untill recess and I called on Jennie Mason. She was weaving. Walked home with kids. We had hot cakes for supper. 8:30 gone to bed.

Oct 13: Nice out today. Took Dorr & Kate's & Baby picture. Went to town today with K & D. Called on Mrs PARKS. She's so sensible. Stopped at C. FEIGHNER. He had his operation today. Came out fine. We saw several people we knew. Dorr is going to pack a suitcase of apples for folks. Dorr & I fixed the suitcase of apples. I never will forget my last nite with Kate and Dorr.

Oct 14: Has been a cloudy day. First thing I did today was let the B-fast dishes all fall on floor & break. Gosh what a spill - Leva cried cause her dish got broken. Mr & Mrs WEBB & Aunt Elsie came to call on me. I am all packed - feel badly to leave Kate. Dorr is taking me to CONKLIN's after supper. The girls & Dorby brot me here. Kate & I had a sad parting. I just couldn't say one word. But such is life. Mrs C was glad I came. She dressed 3 chix to take to B.C. [Battle Creek] tonite. Soon I'll be rambling. The time will fly. 11:30 goodnite.

Oct 15: On the pullman train from Battle Creek to Chicago. Mrs CONKLIN took me to dinner at Post Tavern Hotel. Kissed them goodbye. Am glad to get started. Train 25 min late. A gorgeous sunset - sun a ball of fire. Well here I am in Chi. So far so good. Our train arrived on time. I am waiting to go to toilet before going to bed. Have 20 min to wait. Is real exciting to travel. 8:40 in bed --

Oct 16: Had a safe journey. Mr SMITH met me 6:30 this morning and staid to E. & H [Earl & Hazel's] for breakfast. I didn't sleep very good last nite - can't on train anyway. Hazel is in store. I am waiting for her in car. It's cold and rainy tonite and has been all day. Made my reservations for rest of my trip today. Mr SMITH took me for a ride - sure was nice of him to be so considerate.

Oct 17: We cleaned the house & this P.M. called on Fannie L. Staid home tonite. Had fun kidding Earl. He & I sure hit it off fine.

Oct 18: Sunday, we all went to S.S. [Sunday School] Enjoyed this very much. Hazel had Mr & Mrs HARRIS over to dinner. She's as big a tease and likes to run on folks. Earl had to lead the league tonite, we got his goat - said we were going and made him laugh. We went to league all of us and Earl sure did just fine. He sure is a good scout.

Oct 19: A wonderful day. We washed & ironed, everything went off lovely. Mr SMITH took me to show at Orphiam. A good show and a nice steak afterwards.

Oct 20: Tues - Hazel had her aluminum demonstration today, 11 women here, and they were all well pleased. I think all were lovely people. Went to bed early. Earl went out to scout meeting. Had a nice letter from Ray.

Oct 21: Hazel has a headache so I'm on duty. It's cold today. Had 2 extra men to dinner. Earl sold his car to them. Had a marcell this P.M. Mr SMITH came over tonite and wanted to take us to show, but H was sick so they said I might go. I was glad to get out for awhile. We went for a ride and I sure enjoyed it too. He is such a nice old man.

Oct 22nd: I'm on the train, we are waiting somewhere on track. Hazel, Mr SMITH came down to train with me. I sure hate to leave. Have had such a nice time all way. Our train left on time. 7 bells. I visited Judy's school this A.M. Got a film and took some pictures. Hope they are good. H & I went up town this P.M. in car. Took Rhys to Dr. for circumcision. I got my pullman ticket, H did some shopping. Mr Smith was over to supper. H had a nice supper. Porter is making beds. It's 8:30, my bed is ready so I'll hop in. I'm lonesome tonite.

Oct 23: 8:35 - I've just had my breakfast - so feel refreshed. I got up early, I guess first one up. The porter took my bag and I had to hunt him up. Slept quite well. We are fast sailing on. 8:45 Out in the observation car. The conductor & I are the only ones out here. He's a real friendly man. We are in Kansas - a lovely morning. No wonder I was first one up. My time is 1 hr fast, changed time. Just saw some tumble weeds - made me think of So. Dak. Met 2 dandy ladies and we had a lot of fun. Got off train at Limon and walked up track as train switched coaches here. Had fun in observation car, we girls. Watched a fellow in a Buick roadster for 1 3/4 hr. He followed close to the train all that time. Met Aunt Alice [(HAWES) BRESNAHAM]. All o.k. She is just lovely and I'm awfully glad I met her. We visited untill 9:30 and I took a bath. Now ready for bed. Goodnite.

Oct 24: The ground white with snow, the air is so refreshing. Aunt A. & I hunted Etta H this P.M. Found her washing but glad to see her. We walked up town and went to the America, saw "Phantom of the Opera." Real good acting, but a weird play. Tonite the proprietors of this hotel gave a halloween party to guests and friends. Had a lovely time, played games & danced. Met some lovely people and all so friendly. Served lovely refreshments. I am lonesome for Ray tonite.

Oct 25: Sunday. Have had a wonderful day. It's lovely to live in a hotel and I'm enjoying every min. Aunt A and I went to Christian Science church this morning with Mrs CLARK lady at hotel. Had a wonderful lesson. We walked by Aunt A - houses all around the Civic Center, Library, Mint, Capitol and thru business district. Denver is a wonderful city. Had a lovely chix dinner at one. We went right out again on street car to City Park and museum. Have a wonderful museum. We took a car to auditorium and heard the Civic Symphony orchestra. It was wonderful music. We got a front seat most too close, but best we could do, so crowded. After concert we had a sandwich and went to Colorado Movies and saw "Man in Plain Clothes". I am so sleepy can hardly see. Aunt Alice can stand more than I - she said she was good for 3 hr. yet and I'm all in. 9:30 Goodnite.

Oct 26: Another day worth lots going by. We ate breakfast at 8 bells this A.M. and we spent the morning in Aunt Alice's room visiting. After lunch Aunt A. took me out to her apt. house she just sold and where she was living when Ray was here. We took a ride up town to her bank. I went in vault with her. She had some newspapers to put in safe. We went to Empress and saw a vaudeville & motion. Was real good. Walked home from town. The walk did us both so much good. I sure enjoy the air here - it's so refreshing. Had a nice dinner - "chix on toast". The landlady took us to a good movie tonite - saw Gloria SWANSON in "The Cost of Polly" - real good show. Aunt Alice is taking a hot bath. I am ready for bed - 9:25. I have had a lovely day. Met a lady here at hotel who is going to Calif in the morning. I was going with her but can't as I have my reservations for Wed. Well so long.

Oct 27: Waiting in the hotel parlor for Teressa TRAXLER. She's coming for me and we are going out. Had a good nite's sleep. This is a lovely hotel - quite a few guests. I have my own room, a maid to do the work and eat our meals here. So I'm having a fashionable life - rather like it too. Well we finally got gone. T came and we went up town. I had such a tooth ache, so I saw Dr. GHUYER, he's a friend of Aunt Alice. He said my tooth should come out so I worked up nerve and he pulled it. I am glad it's out now. We drove around a long time and finally went up to our room. Visited with Aunt A. Aunt A went down to eat - we girls laid down on my bed and had a good chat. About 7 we went down where Etta waits table and had dinner. Teressa had tickets for the orpheum. A fine show and we girls had such a dandy time. After show T. took us to lunch so we had an ideal time. When we came out of show the ground was covered with snow. A cold nite. I'll say - my mouth is sure sore. Got in 11:30

Oct 28: Well here I am on my last long ride towards home and I'm so glad. I had a lovely time all on my trip - hope I find all fine in Calif. I can hardly make it seem possible I've had such a nice long trip. Aunt A and I ate breakfast early. She sure has treated me nice. I got a yellow cab to take me to train as she wasn't feeling well this A.M. She would of gone to depot but I thot best for her not to. Our train left right on time 8:15. The ground is white with snow and cold. Our train guide just told us to notice Castle rock, 33 mi. from Denver. This was used as a land mark in the early days. It has a level surface of 1 acre on top. I am out on observation car. The trees and grass is beautiful covered with frost. We can plainly see Pike's Peak - 39 mi.- with the naked eye. There has been a storm in the mts last nite, but the sun is shining. The trees are simply wonderful. We are just in view of Parma Lake and Elephant Rock. Calif grapes first Calif product. We just passed Pueblo, City of opportunity. We are switching , I guess putting on another coach as we're awfully crowded. We just left Florence, Colo over 5700 ft elevation. The observation car is sure crowded, but I've been lucky to get a seat. We are now in Canyon City. The state penitentiary is here. We just saw the sulphur springs. We are now entering the Royal Gorge. The train stopped here 10 min and we got off and took a look. The scenery is certainly beyond explaining. The sun is so bright and warm. We are now nearing the highest elevation in the world - 10,587 ft above sea level. We had 20 min wait here changing train crew, etc. I mailed 3 cards - Hazel, Art, & Kate at this place. I've been napping in the observation car so I'm going to bed. 8 bells Mich. Time.

Oct 29: Had breakfast - am out in the observation car. Got up early so I could get a seat out here. It's getting crowded. Our train is 1 1/2 hr late getting into S. L. City. There was a wreck ahead of us last nite about 1:30 so delayed us. Am having a lot of fun out here. A little girl has furnished the amusement. The electric fans are going now. Getting in a warmer climate. We got into S. L. City 40 min late, but we had time enuf to get off train and look around. Our train left S. L. City at 1 sharp. We are now riding along the edge of Lake and it sure is a pretty ride. We set our time back 1 hr. We are riding right thru lake - 16 miles - one track. We are off the lake are now in view of the salt beds. They sure are a novelty. Sat in the observation car a long time visiting. Have met several lovely people on this trip. Went to bed 7:30.

Oct 30: Got up early and so got a seat on the observation car. Sure got in with a jolly bunch. Met a girl who has been visiting in V'tville this summer. The man from Long Beach kidded us about our famous city of V'tville. Had a lovely ride thru Feather River canyon.The scenery is surely grand. I shall never forget the wonderful scenery. We had 10 min in Arsville (?). We girls, 3 of us, one from V'tville, L.A. and myself and got coffee and f-cakes (?fruitcakes). We missed eating our lunch as porter called All Aboard. We are now in Sacramento 1:10 - 37 min late. Seems like we're about home. The air is some diff. than in Colo. Had snow on ground but the air was sure grand. Arrived in Oakland right on time. Lulu, Ray and Kendall were to meet me. I sure am glad to get home. It's nice and sunny here. Ken looked so funny in his long pants. Phyllis has grown a lot. 


ticket Chi. & return                                                      86.00

Nashville (from Chi)                                                       8.09

pullman to La Junta                                                      13.84

dress                                                                             8.00

traveling bag                                                                  3.25

notary                                                                            1.00

bill                                                                                 1.00

dance                                                                            1.00

glasses                                                                           1.00

sandwich                                                                          .25

cones (2)                                                                          .20

peanuts                                                                            .10

taxi                      Los Angeles                                        1.00

dinner                                                                             1.10

tip                                                                                     .10

breakfast                                                                           .40

tip                                                                                     .10

lunch                                                                                  .50

fruit                                                                                    .30

tip porter                                                                            .50

air mail                                                                               .08

berth to K.C. (Kansas City)                                             5.40

tip                                                                                      .25

candy & peanuts                                                                .40

tip                                                                                      .50

dinner                                                                                .70

air mail (two letters)                                                           .32

film                                                                                    .30

hair cut                                                                              .50

pullman (Des Moines to Chi)                                           1.87

breakfast (Chicago)                                                          .75

tips                                                                                   .35

Hazel                                                                              2.00

sunflower                                                                          .25

dinner                                                                               .75

stamps & cards                                                                 .35

Fay Green                                                                       1.00

cards (1¢)                                                                         .10

tooth brush                                                                        .50

paste                                                                                 .50

watch (dad's)                                                                   4.00

Charlotte                                                                            .54

Artha                                                                             10.00

envelopes                                                                           .25

travelers checks                                                                  .25

air letter (dad)                                                                     .16

coat cleaned                                                                     2.00

belt                                                                                     .25

suitcase fixed                                                                    1.00

dress (Ionia)                                                                     9.75

hose (Phyllis)                                                                    1.00

stationery & garters                                                            .35

shirt (Ray)                                                                        2.50

overalls (Kendall)                                                             2.50

envelopes                                                                           .25

candy (Kate)                                                                      .40

stamps & cards                                                                  .34

2 films                                                                                .60

1½ yds voil (Phyllis)                                                           .75

thread                                                                                .05

hair trim                                                                             .10

cards                                                                                 .05

candy (Merna)                                                                   .35

ticket (Charlotte from V'tville)                                             .41

candy (Goodies kids)                                                         .20

floss                                                                                   .10

½ yd voil (Phyllis)                                                               .25

5 yd ging                                                                           1.45

4 yd lace                                                                             .20

tape                                                                                    .10


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