Loucks School

Roxand Township

Submitted by: Sara Dianne Austin Myers



1907 - 1908


Teacher, back row in center: Ola (O'Neil) Parker

Top/4th Row L-R: Ray Franks Doris Franks Myrtle Huffman Mabel Edgel Henry Edgel
Row 2, L-R: Fayette Gilford Marjorie Root Edna Ludbrook Ruby Huffman Anna Litchfield
  Glen Goodrich Alfred Goodrich Carl Marsh    
Row 3, L-R: William 'Bill' E. Root Susie Root Isa Huffman    
Front Row L-R: Reva Kiaser Reva Ludbrook James Huffman Mabel Root Claud Miller
  Mildred Seavolt        


1910 - 1911

Teacher, back row in center: Visa (Lance) Austin

Back Row L-R:

Anna Litchfield

Claud Seavolt

Marjorie Root

Carl Marsh

Doris Franks


Ruby Huffman

Susie Root

Fayette Guilford

Isa Huffman


Middle Row L-R:

Theodore Seavolt

James Huffman

Mildred Seavolt

Alfred Goodrich

Glen Goodrich


Claud Miller

Harold Tubbs

Mabel Root



Front Row L-R:

Annie Goodrich

Albert Root

Alice Boyer

William 'Bill' Root

Helen Ludbrook


Leo Root

Georgie Root






One Room Schoolhouse

Commentator Thomas Huggler tells us about the Loucks School near the town of Mulliken, west of Lansing, Mich. The 144-year old one-room school closed today for the last time. He says the sights and smells remind him of where he went to school. The floors creak, globe fixtures light the room and time stands still. 

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