Linus & Diana (Phelps) Potter 

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                Diana Phelps Potter


1.  LINUS POTTER was born June 23, 1798 in Huntington, Luzerne County,  Pennsylvania, and died July 26, 1846 in Potterville, Benton Township, Michigan.  He married DIANA PHELPS January 02, 1827 in Ira, New York, daughter of ISRAEL PHELPS and SARAH HIGBY.  She was born July 19, 1801 in Galway, New York, and died November 12, 1884 in Potterville, Benton Township,  Michigan.

The following sketch was written by Mrs. Diana Potter in 1880:  "We started from Auburn, N. Y. Oct. 1830, for Michigan with two children, came to Buffalo by canal [ed. note Erie Canal] , then by boat to Detroit, taking seven days to make the trip from Detroit.  We wanted to make the West line of Wayne County, some thirty miles.  The roads being impassable for teams, we took the Chicago turnpike out about tem miles, then by Indian trail on foot carrying our children in our arms or on our backs the entire distance, making the trip in two days. We located at Saline, Washtenaw County where the village now stands, and built the first frame house there.  After fourteen years concluded to try a new start in the woods of Eaton County. My husband and George came on to make a selection of the land and build a house. They built a shanty out of logs, using no nails or boards on the land where now stands the Village of Potterville.  On the road to our new home, our children were all exposed to measles, and all had them in this log shanty in February 1845.  This spring we made our maple sugar, cleared seven acres and put it to corn.  That summer, my husband, in harvesting his crop, overworked, and from it and the drinking of cold water, died on the 26th of July, 1846. From this time on I kept my family with me until they became men and women, and neither of my boys, to my knowledge, have ever used liquor or tobacco, and all have good homes and families."

Children of LINUS POTTER and DIANA PHELPS are:

2.                i.       GEORGE N. POTTER, b. October 16, 1827, Ira, New York; d. November 01, 1902, Charlotte, Michigan.

3.               ii.       MARIA L. POTTER, b. March 17, 1829, Ira, New York.

4.              iii.       THEODORE EDGAR POTTER, b. March 10, 1832, Saline, Michigan; d. October 25, 1910, Lansing, Michigan.

5.              iv.       CHARLES N. POTTER, b. September 27, 1833, Saline, Michigan; d. October 07, 1915, Marion County, Oregon.

6.               v.       SARAH M. POTTER, b. June 10, 1835, Saline, Michigan; d. December 27, 1904, Potterville, Michigan.

7.              vi.       JOHN H. POTTER, b. June 02, 1838, Saline, Michigan; d. August 14, 1918.

8.             vii.       JAMES W. POTTER, b. February 13, 1843, Canton, Michigan.


Generation No. 2

2.  GEORGE N. POTTER was born October 16, 1827 in Ira, New York, and died November 01, 1902 in Charlotte, Michigan.  He married (1) MARTHA L. GLADDING March 01, 1849 in Windsor, Michigan.  She was born May 09, 1827 in Massena, New York, and died April 17, 1870 in Potterville, Michigan.  He married (2) MARY A. PAGE March 01, 1871.  She was born July 23, 1845 in Hague, New York, and died June 02, 1900 in Potterville, Michigan.


                   i.       HENRY A. POTTER, b. May 03, 1850, Potterville, Michigan; d. July 02, 1869, Potterville, Michigan.

9.               ii.       WILLARD M. POTTER, b. February 15, 1852, Potterville,, Michigan; d. March 05, 1900, Petoskey, Michigan.

10.            iii.       MARY CELIA POTTER, b. September 16, 1854, Potterville, Michigan.

                 iv.       EDWARD J. POTTER, b. June 16, 1858, Charlotte, Michigan; d. June 24, 1877, Potterville, Benton Township,  Michigan.

11.             v.       ABRAHAM L. POTTER, b. May 27, 1860, Charlotte, Michigan.

12.            vi.       JOHN C. POTTER, b. January 02, 1863, Potterville, Michigan.

                vii.       WALTER A. POTTER, b. October 05, 1863, Potterville, Michigan; d. August 07, 1874, Grand Ledge, Michigan.


3.  MARIA L. POTTER was born March 17, 1829 in Ira, New York.  She married JOHN FROST CARMAN September 19, 1852.  He was born July 12, 1827 in Ira, New York, and died September 20, 1916.

Children of MARIA POTTER and JOHN CARMAN are:

                   i.       CORA V. CARMAN, b. September 11, 1853, Potterville, Michigan.

                  ii.       FRANK L. CARMAN, b. August 23, 1858, Potterville, Michigan.

                 iii.       ELLA A. CARMAN, b. July 13, 1860, Potterville, Michigan.

                 iv.       ALMA M. CARMAN, b. January 24, 1866, Potterville, Michigan; d. September 15, 1866, Potterville, Michigan.

                  v.       ETTA A. CARMAN, b. June 16, 1868, Potterville, Michigan.


4.  THEODORE EDGAR POTTER was born March 10, 1832 in Saline, Michigan, and died October 25, 1910 in Lansing, Michigan.  He married DIANTHA ORIL DEGRAFF October 05, 1858 in Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan, daughter of EMMANUEL DEGRAFF and SALLY SPRAGUE.  She was born December 14, 1834 in Ira, New York, and died April 01, 1919 in Lansing, Michigan.


                   i.       EVELYN M. POTTER, b. September 12, 1859, Garden City, Minnesota; d. June 21, 1935, Chicago, Illinois.

                  ii.       EZOA FRANCES POTTER, b. October 07, 1861, Garden City, Minnesota; d. May 22, 1927, Detroit, Michigan.

                 iii.      GEORGE EDGAR POTTER, b. August 14, 1864, Garden City, Minnesota; d. November 24, 1934, Mulliken, Roxand twp., Eaton County, Michigan.

                 iv.      WALDO T. POTTER, b. September 03, 1866, Garden City, Minnesota.

                  v.       MARY E. POTTER, b. August 09, 1869.


5.  CHARLES N. POTTER was born September 27, 1833 in Saline, Michigan, and died October 07, 1915 in Marion County, Oregon.  He married EMMA J. RAY October 21, 1860 in Olivet, Michigan.  She was born January 31, 1840 in Northfield, Ohio, and died April 04, 1920 in Marion County, Oregon.

Children of CHARLES POTTER and EMMA RAY are:

.                  i.       LINUS W. POTTER, b. November 29, 1861, Charlotte, Michigan.

.                 ii.       THEODORE J. POTTER, b. March 19, 1864, Charlotte, Michigan.

                 iii.       ROBERT L. POTTER, b. September 01, 1865, Charlotte, Michigan; d. May 03, 1897, Salem, Oregon.

                 iv.       CECILIA G. POTTER, b. August 25, 1879, Salem, Oregon.


6.  SARAH M. POTTER was born June 10, 1835 in Saline, Michigan, and died December 27, 1904 in Potterville, Michigan.  She married JOHN JAY HIGBY February 26, 1857 in Potterville, Michigan.  He was born March 08, 1830 in West Terrin, New York.

Children of SARAH POTTER and JOHN HIGBY are:

                   i.       FLORENCE E. HIGBY, b. September 29, 1859, Potterville, Michigan.

                  ii.       CLARA B. HIGBY, b. October 23, 1863, Potterville, Michigan; d. January 03, 1919.

                 iii.       STEPHEN D. HIGBY, b. April 08, 1865, Potterville, Michigan.

                 iv.       EZOA O. HIGBY, b. December 31, 1876, Mason, Michigan.


7.  JOHN H. POTTER was born June 02, 1838 in Saline, Michigan, and died August 14, 1918.  He married ANGELINE A. HIGBY June 25, 1865 in Potterville, Michigan.  She was born May 11, 1840 in West Terrin, New York.


                   i.       PITT RAY POTTER, b. September 21, 1868, Garden City, Minnesota; d. December 31, 1946, Alemeda, California.

                  ii.       KATHERINE POTTER, b. December 16, 1871, Garden City, Minnesota.


8.  JAMES W. POTTER was born February 13, 1843 in Canton, Michigan.  He married (1) CELIA G. RAY August 26, 1866 in Mankato, Minnesota.  She was born July 25, 1848 in Northfield, Ohio.  He married (2) SARAH J. PORTER July 24, 1878 in Greenville, Michigan.  She was born May 16, 1842 in Matamora, Michigan.

Children of JAMES POTTER and CELIA RAY are:

                   i.       GERTRUDE M. POTTER, b. April 17, 1871, Potterville, Michigan; d. August 19, 1890, Garrison, Montana.

                  ii.       MILES RAY POTTER, b. November 15, 1872, Potterville, Michigan; m. SARAH PORTER, January 15, 1896, Grand Rapids, Michigan; b. June 20, 1872, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Generation No. 3

9.  WILLARD M. POTTER was born February 15, 1852 in Potterville,, Michigan, and died March 05, 1900 in Petoskey, Michigan.  He married EVA DELL LETT July 10, 1875 in Potterville, Michigan.  She was born July 22, 1857 in Delaware, Ohio.

Children of WILLARD POTTER and EVA LETT are:

                   i.       RALPH A. POTTER, b. December 07, 1877, DeWitt, Michigan; d. June 05, 1882, DeWitt, Michigan.

                  ii.       CLYDE WALTER POTTER, b. November 13, 1883, DeWitt, Michigan; d. 1957, Petoskey, Michigan.

                 iii.       HAZEL MAY POTTER, b. December 24, 1889, DeWitt, Michigan; d. February 1972, Petoskey, Michigan.


10.  MARY CELIA POTTER was born September 16, 1854 in Potterville, Michigan.  She married WILLIAM BENTON OTTO January 16, 1872 in Potterville, Michigan.  He was born January 18, 1844 in Van Buren, Ohio.

Children of MARY POTTER and WILLIAM OTTO are:

                   i.       JESSIE I. OTTO, b. October 30, 1879, Potterville, Michigan; m. LOUIS CHESTER PEARCE, June 30, 1904, Charlotte, Michigan; b. December 18, 1880, Lake Linden, Michigan.

                  ii.       LAWRENCE POTTER OTTO, b. July 28, 1888; m. MARGERA AMELIA LAMONT, April 06, 1912; b. January 27, 1890, Michigan.

                 iii.       MARGARET L. OTTO, b. February 23, 1893, Potterville, Michigan; d. February 25, 1893, Potterville, Michigan.


11.  ABRAHAM L. POTTER was born May 27, 1860 in Charlotte, Michigan.  He married ETTIE KIRKLAND October 23, 1880 in Lansing, Michigan.  She was born March 21, 1857 in Bedford, Michigan.


                   i.       GEORGE W. POTTER, b. February 22, 1881, Nervana, Michigan.


12.  JOHN C. POTTER was born January 02, 1863 in Potterville, Michigan.  He married CLARA B. HARTWELL March 07, 1883 in Potterville, Michigan.  She was born September 13, 1867 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and died 1916 in Kalamo, Michigan.


                   i.       HARRY O. POTTER, b. January 17, 1884, Potterville, Michigan; d. August 1963, Florida; m. MABLE; b. Abt. 1886, Michigan.

                  ii.       CLIFFORD J. POTTER, b. July 15, 1890, Potterville, Michigan; m. CLELLA ROOF; b. March 06, 1892, Michigan; d. July 17, 1989, Hastings, Barry County,  Michigan.


13.  CORA V. CARMAN was born September 11, 1853 in Potterville, Michigan.  She married SYLVESTER RUMSEY June 21, 1875 in Potterville, Michigan.  He was born July 28, 1843 in Adrian, Michigan.


                   i.       GUY C. RUMSEY, b. March 17, 1880, Windsor, Michigan.

                  ii.       LEE Z. RUMSEY, b. December 09, 1882, Windsor, Michigan; m. CLOVER K.; b. Abt. 1885, Michigan.

                 iii.       O. V. RUMSEY, b. December 05, 1888, Windsor, Michigan; m. ETHEL M.; b. Abt. 1895, Michigan.


14.  FRANK L. CARMAN was born August 23, 1858 in Potterville, Michigan.  He married SARAH ELIZABETH VAN AUKEN July 28, 1881 in Potterville, Michigan.  She was born December 29, 1856 in Ira, New York.


                   i.       KITTIE M. CARMAN, b. May 08, 1882, Potterville, Michigan; d. September 07, 1886, Potterville, Michigan.

                  ii.       LULU M. CARMAN, b. October 23, 1883, Potterville, Michigan.


15.  EZOA FRANCES POTTER was born October 07, 1861 in Garden City, Minnesota, and died May 22, 1927 in Detroit, Michigan.  She married ERNEST ELIJAH SPRAGUE October 05, 1882, son of ARGALUS SPRAGUE and CAROLINE PARKER.  He was born August 07, 1855 in Vermontville, Michigan, and died April 09, 1922 in Charlotte, Michigan.


                   i.       GEORGE CLARE SPRAGUE, b. June 21, 1884, Vermontville, Michigan; d. June 15, 1966, Manatee, Florida; m. (1) LAURA BRISCOE SELDEN, September 01, 1908, Calumet, Michigan; b. August 27, 1884, Harbor Beach, Michigan; d. January 24, 1954, Bradenton, Florida; m. (2) ANNA BLAIR VAIL GRAY, September 14, 1957; b. October 21, 1881, Blairstown, New Jersey; d. October 12, 1957, Bradenton, Florida.

                  ii.       MILTON WALDO SPRAGUE, b. August 11, 1886, Vermontville, Michigan; d. May 31, 1962, Lansing, Michigan; m. GRACE MAE EAGER, August 27, 1914, Howell, Michigan; b. January 21, 1889, Howell, Michigan; d. February 28, 1989, Meridian, Ingham Meridian, Ingham County, Michigan.

                 iii.       EVELYN SPRAGUE, b. September 15, 1889, Vermontville, Michigan.

                 iv.       EDGAR POTTER SPRAGUE, b. September 10, 1893, Vermontville, Michigan; m. CAROL KUECHMANN LARHUE CLARKE, December 31, 1924; b. September 02, 1893, Muncie, Indiana.

                 vi.       ERNEST STUART SPRAGUE, b. March 25, 1901, Vermontville, Michigan; d. December 15, 1993, Cromwell, Middlesex, CT; m. ELIZABETH RHEA BENNETT, May 01, 1931; b. March 14, 1900, Aberdeen, South Dakota.


16.    GEORGE EDGAR POTTER) was born August 14, 1864 in Garden City, Minnesota, and died November 24, 1934 in Mulliken, Roxand twp., Eaton County, Michigan.  He married MARY NEBRASKA ALLEN May 31, 1888 in Vermontville, Eaton County,  Michigan, daughter of ALBERT ALLEN and CHARLOTTE CASE.  She was born April 26, 1867 in Nebraska City, Nebraska, and died January 15, 1945 in Lansing, Washtenaw County, Michigan.

                Children of GEORGE POTTER and MARY ALLEN are:

                   i.       EDITH MARYLYN POTTER, b. October 28, 1889, Vermontville, Eaton county, Michigan; d. Bay View, Emmet county, Michigan.

                  ii.       EZOA HELEN POTTER, b. May 23, 1891, Mulliken, Roxand twp., Eaton County, Michigan; d. April 26, 1995, Saline, Washtenaw County,  Michigan; m. THURMAN MONROE CLAY, June 20, 1917, Mulliken, Eaton county, Roxand Township, Michigan; b. September 28, 1891, Roselin, Paulding County,   Washington twp. Ohio; d. September 27, 1979, Meridian Township, Ingham County, Michigan.

                 iii.       LOUISE POTTER, b. December 12, 1893, Mulliken, Eaton County, Michigan; d. January 11, 1955, Hastings, Barry County,  Michigan; m. DEFOREST DARWIN WALTON, December 28, 1915, Mulliken, Eaton county, Roxand Township, Michigan; b. January 04, 1888, Los Angeles, California; d. December 06, 1966, Alamo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan.

                 iv.       ALLEN VICTOR POTTER, b. November 05, 1899, Mulliken, Roxand twp., Eaton county, Michigan; d. March 03, 1972, Grass Lake, Jackson County, Michigan; m. MARGARET ELEANOR VAN HOUTEN, June 23, 1926; b. February 01, 1907, Rockford, Michigan; d. July 30, 1980, Grass Lake, Jackson County, Michigan.


17.  WALDO T. POTTER  was born September 03, 1866 in Garden City, Minnesota.  He married ANTHA EVELYN JENNINGS November 18, 1892 in Charlotte, Michigan.  She was born July 22, 1868.


                   i.       HERBERT J. POTTER, b. September 28, 1893, Ishpeming, Michigan.

                  ii.       ROBERT W. POTTER, b. September 05, 1896, Ishpeming, Michigan.

                 iii.       CHARLES R. POTTER, b. October 05, 1900, Ishpeming, Michigan.


18.  LINUS W. POTTER was born November 29, 1861 in Charlotte, Michigan.  He married ORA E. WADSWORTH October 25, 1883 in Salem, Oregon.  She was born October 13, 1862 in Benton county, Oregon. 


                   i.       GENEVIEVE POTTER, b. April 02, 1887, Salem, Oregon.

                  ii.       DOUGLAS T. POTTER, b. January 15, 1889, Salem, Oregon.

                 iii.       ROY W. POTTER, b. April 15, 1892, Salem, Oregon.

                 iv.       RALPH POTTER, b. April 15, 1892, Salem, Oregon; d. May 24, 1892, Salem, Oregon.

                  v.       RAY POTTER, b. April 15, 1892, Salem, Oregon; d. June 10, 1892, Salem, Oregon.


19.  THEODORE J. POTTER  was born March 19, 1864 in Charlotte, Michigan.  He married GRACE PALMER THOMPSON August 28, 1902 in Boston, Massachusetts.  She was born July 26, 1871 in Bow, New Hampshire.


20.  FLORENCE E. HIGBY was born September 29, 1859 in Potterville, Michigan.  She married J. E. D. STALLINGS January 21, 1889 in Riverside, California.  He was born June 06, 1856 in Raleigh, North Carolina.



                   i.       CHARLES P. STALLINGS, b. August 09, 1893, Lansing, Michigan.


21.  CLARA B. HIGBY was born October 23, 1863 in Potterville, Michigan, and died January 03, 1919.  She married FRED H. MCGRATH October 07, 1884 in Potterville, Michigan.  He was born March 27, 1861 in Consecou, Canada, and died January 23, 1901 in Charlotte, Michigan.



                   i.       HORACE W. MCGRATH, b. May 16, 1886, Potterville, Michigan.


22.  PITT RAY POTTER  was born September 21, 1868 in Garden City, Minnesota, and died December 31, 1946 in Alemeda, California.  He married GRACE SOMES WELCH July 23, 1889 in Owatonna, Minnesota.  She was born October 29, 1867 in Roxbury, Massachusetts, and died August 14, 1943 in Alemeda, California.



                   i.       MARGARET L. POTTER, b. March 23, 1891, Oakland, California.


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