Mann & Frances (Almon) Jackson

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1838 - 1919


1841 - 1912


Mann Jackson has resided on his present homestead farm, in section 18, Roxand Township, for the past forty years, and has developed the land from the virgin wilds into one of the valuable farms of the county. He has been the architect of his own fortunes, has been architect of his own fortunes, has been indefatigable in his efforts and has attained to independence and definite prosperity, while he has so lived as to merit and receive the esteem of his fellow men. Mr. Jackson was born in Soham Cambridgeshire, England, July 31, 1838, and in that county also was born his parents, John and Mary Ann (Mann) Jackson,--the former on the 10th of March, 1810, and the latter in September, 1808. They passed the closing years of their lives in Sunfield township, Eaton County, Michigan, where the father died March 28, 1867, and the mother June 25, 1872. John Jackson supported his family by various kinds of manual labor while resident of England and in 1856, accompanied by his wife, four sons and two daughters, he immigrated to America, his son Charles having come four years earlier. The voyage, which consumed five weeks, was made in a sailing vessel, which left Liverpool on the 1st of June and dropped anchor in the harbor of New York city on the 8th of July. the family settled in Manchester, New York, where they remained seven years, the father finding employment by the day or month, at whatever honest occupation he could secure, and his sons also doing their share in supporting the family. In 1864 John Jackson came with his family to Eaton County, purchasing forty acres of heavily timbered land in section 13, Sunfield township, and erecting a log house as a home for his family. He began the work of reclaiming his land to cultivation, but died four years after taking up his residence in the county. He became a naturalized citizen of the United States, taking this action in order that his minor sons might likewise become citizens without taking out papers. He espoused the cause of the Republican party and took an intelligent interest in public affairs. Of the seven children in his family the following brief data are entered: Charles is a prosperous farmer of Sunfield township; Mary Ann became the wife of Lewis B. Granger, and died in Roxand township; Mann, subject of this sketch, was the next in order of birth; John was a member of a New York regiment in the civil war, was taken prisoner, being paroled and taken to Camp Douglas, in the city of Chicago, where he died; George is a representative farmer of Sunfield township; Emily is the wife of Truman Parsons, a farmer of Ingham county; and Elijah is a farmer of Sunfield township. Mann Jackson was reared to the age of eighteen years in England where he received his educational discipline in the common schools. The family were in poor circumstances financially and he early felt the spur of necessity and began to work in a practical way, though for small recompense. For as time he carried brick and mortar for masons, receiving eight pence, or about fifteen cents in United States money, a day, and having to provide his own board. He often walked six miles night and morning to earn this pitiful stipend. The family borrowed money to pay the transportation to America, and after locating in New York state Mann found employment at farm work, receiving thirteen dollars a month and applying practically all his earnings to liquidating the debt which his father had assumed in coming to the new world.  At the age of twenty-one years he began to work for himself, continuing to be employed as a farm hand in New York State for eight years. In 1865 Mr. Jackson came to Eaton county, Michigan, and on the 12th of April of that year he purchased the homestead on which he now lives, securing sixty-six acres, of which only a small portion had been cleared, the remainder being covered with the native timber. In a little frame house which had been built on the place he and his family found a home, and he worked improved land on shares until he could reclaim his own farm to the uses of cultivation. He utilized an ox team for many years, and often worked by the day to earn sufficient money to secure food for his family.  He cleared  the original tract and later purchased an additional fifty-four acres, having since sold forty acres to his eldest son, so that his homestead now comprises eight acres, all under a high state of cultivation and yielding good returns. Mr. Jackson continued to occupy the little frame or plank house until 1892, when he completed his present commodious and attractive brick-veneered residence, which is one of the houses in this locality being modern in design and equipment. Mr. Jackson has had a full quota of experiences which fell to the lot of those who settled in this county in the earlier pioneer epoch, but he has preserved and has won success through worthy effort. In July, 1872, he saw a black bear in front of his house, and the same was killed, in Kalamo township, a few days later. Deer and wild turkeys were still plentiful after he came to the county, and he has seen deer within teen rods from his present residence. He is an uncompromising advocate of the principles and policies of the Republican party, and both he and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church, as were also his parents. In Manchester, New York, March 15, 1860, Mr. Jackson was united in marriage to Miss Frances A. Almon, who was born in Beckley, Sussex, England, where the former was born September 29, 1785, and the latter July 28, 1819. Both died in Calhoun County, Michigan,--the father passing away at the venerable age of ninety years, and the mother dying at the age of seventy-four years. they became the parents of two children, of whom Mrs. Jackson is the elder, having been four months of age at the time of her parents' immigration to America. Her sister, Sarah, is the wife of George Santee, of Calhoun County. Mr. Almon was in very reduced circumstances financially and was given transportation to America by the English government, the family landing in the city of Quebec, Canada, May 4, 1842. They later removed to Manchester, new York, and in 1865 came to Michigan, locating in Calhoun County, where the father followed the business of gardening during the remainder of his active career, never having accumulated land of his own. In conclusion is entered record concerning the children of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson: Lizzie M. died at the age of twenty years; John T., who resides on the farm of forty acres which he purchased from his father, married Miss Edith M. Dilley, and they have three children, Mabel, Charles and Frank; Bert E., who is a farmer of Roxand township, married Miss Elvira Root; Charles A. died at the age of sixteen and Kitty S., wife of Leroy Bosworth, died at the age of twenty years, leaving a little girl, Alta M.; George A., who is engaged in farming in Roxand township, married Miss Clara Peabody and they have two children, Birdie B., and Bertha B.

   The brick home that Mann and Frances (Almon) Jackson built in 1892. Located  in section 18, Roxand Township, Eaton County Michigan.  Mann and Frances are pictured in the front yard

   Photo taken 1985, home now owned by Dana Troub. Home has been completely restored, most to original. Home is located in section 18, Roxand Township, Eaton County, Michigan

Descendants of

Mann Jackson & Frances Almon

Generation No. 1

MANN JACKSON son of JOHN JACKSON and MARY ANN MANN was born July 31, 1838 in Soham - Cambridgeshire, England, and died October 20, 1919 in Sunfield Township, Eaton County, Michigan. He married FRANCES A. ALMON March 15, 1860 in Manchester, New York, daughter of ABRAM ALMON and SOPHIA RIDLEY. She was born December 07, 1841 in Beckley, Sussex, England, and died October 15, 1912 in Roxand Township, Eaton County, Michigan.


i. LIZZIE M. JACKSON, b. February 18, 1861; d. October 29, 1881.

ii. JOHN TRUMAN JACKSON, b. February 06, 1863, Manchester, New York; d. January 21, 1948, Sunfield Township, Eaton County, Michigan.

iii. BERT E. JACKSON, b. August 23, 1864; d. 1952; m. ELVIRA ROOT, November 05, 1892.

iv. CHARLES A. JACKSON, b. January 04, 1866, Eaton County, Michigan; d. September 10, 1882.

v. SOPHIA KIT JACKSON, b. August 07, 1868, Eaton County, Michigan; d. April 19, 1889.

vi. GEORGE ABRAM JACKSON, b. May 27, 1873, Eaton County, Michigan; d. Bet. 1949 - 1951, Golden Valley, North Dakota.

Generation No. 2

JOHN TRUMAN JACKSON was born February 06, 1863 in Manchester, New York, and died January 21, 1948 in Sunfield Township, Eaton County, Michigan. He married EDITH MAE DILLEY September 11, 1887, daughter of JONAS DILLEY and CHARLOTTE. She was born December 12, 1871 in Roxand Township, Eaton County, Michigan, and died March 21, 1948 in Pennock Hospital, Hastings, Barry County, Michigan.

Children of JOHN JACKSON and EDITH DILLEY are:

i. BABY BOY JACKSON, b. December 10, 1888, Roxand Township, Eaton County, Michigan; d. December 10, 1888.

ii. MABEL A. JACKSON, b. November 24, 1889, Roxand Township, Eaton County, Michigan; d. February 20, 1955; m. OWEN STRYKER.

iii. CHARLIE MANN JACKSON, b. September 06, 1897, Roxand Twp, Eaton County, Michigan; d. July 29, 1953, Pennock Hospital, Hastings, Barry County, Michigan; m. BESSIE MAE HAGER, December 23, 1916, Charlotte Eaton County, MI; b. July 21, 1895, Sunfield Township, Eaton County, Michigan; d. February 12, 1974, Provincial House, Hastings, Barry County, Michigan.

iv. FRANK A. JACKSON, b. April 20, 1900, Roxand Township, Eaton County, Michigan; d. September 21, 1954, Eaton County, Michigan; m. GOLDA A. SOUTHWELL; b. June 12, 1899, Ionia, Ionia County, Michigan; d. November 07, 1984, Hayes Green Beach Hospital, Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan.

SOPHIA KIT JACKSON (MANN3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born August 07, 1868 in Eaton County, Michigan, and died April 19, 1889. She married LEROY BOSWORTH September 09, 1885.



GEORGE ABRAM JACKSON (MANN3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born May 27, 1873 in Eaton County, Michigan, and died Bet. 1949 - 1951 in Golden Valley, North Dakota. He married CLARA BELLE PEABODY February 21, 1892, daughter of FREDERIC PEABODY and MARY LASSEY. She was born in Monroe County, Michigan, and died September 1948.




Mann Jackson



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