Surname, Given Name Sex Date of Birth Place of Birth Father Name Mother Name
Baxtin, Lester M 1884, Jul 27 Charlotte, MI Baxtin, James T. Baxtin, Sophia M.
Beecraft, William F. M 1878, Sep 30 Bellevue, MI Beecraft, F. F. Beecraft, Eunice
Bellows, Floyd D. M 1884, Aug 26 Eaton Rapids, MI Bellows, Rausm Bellows, Della
Burger, Ada F 1878, Aug 7 Bellevue, MI Burger, W. Burger, Eliza
Cayton, Lawrence M 1878, Oct 20 Bellevue, MI Cayton, William (blank)
Cook, Winnie F 1878, Aug 12 Bellevue, MI Cook, R. V. (blank)
Cox, Evelyn F 1880, Jan 17 Vermontville, MI Cox, John F. Cox, Effie A.
Davidson, Floyd M 1878, Jun 27 Bellevue, MI Davidson, J. Davidson, Mary
Davis, Frederick M 1869, Nov 17 Charlotte, MI Davis, Oern R. Davis, Phebe
Deplanty, Frederick M 1880, Jul 6 Vermontville, MI Deplanty, Nepolian A. Deplanty, Angelia E.
Garrett, Ethel Viola F 1880, Aug 13 Vermontville, MI Garrett, Edwin A. Sprague, Bernice J.
Green, Clifford D. M 1880, Apr 22 Vermontville, MI Green, Denzill E. Green, Bissa A.
Grinnells, Oliv A. F 1884, Aug 4 Charlotte, MI Grinnelis, Maroin Grinnells, Carrie L.
Haght, Henry M 1880, Sep 16 Vermontville, MI Haght, Henry Haght, Sarah
Hawkins, Edna Grace F 1880, Dec 19 Vermontville, MI Hawkins, Jonathan N. Hawkins, Hannah P.
Hotchkiss, Porter M 1878, Oct 14 Bellevue, MI Hotchkiss, Simon Hotchkiss, Ora
House, Leonia F 1878, Aug 11 Bellevue, MI House, Alfred E. House, Francis
House, Lubin M 1880, Apr 9 Vermontville, MI House, Alfred Wood, Francis
Howell, Charley R. M 1880, May 18 Vermontville, MI Howell, George Howell, Elizabeth
Ipinern (Dead) F 1884, Nov 29 Charlotte, MI Ipinern, Geo A. Ipinern, Agnes
Judd, Dyloria Louise F 1884, Nov 26
Judd, Oliver L. Judd, --- L.
Kimmel, Ursula F 1878, Apr 1 Bellevue, MI Kimmel, J. W. Kimmel, Josephine
Marshall, Ida Watkins F 1884, Feb 24 Charlotte, MI Marshall, William Marshall, ---- Ida
Moore, Homer F. M 1880, Mar 19 Vermontville, MI Moore, William Moore, Hellen
Norton, Isaac Ray M 1880, Sep 29 Vermontville, MI Norton, Henry M. Norton, Antha P.
Perry, Hazel F 1884, Dec 31 Charlotte, MI Perry, Edwin Perry, Mary E.
Ploof, Minnie A. F 1884, Jan 15
Ploof, James Ploof, Libbie
Reams, Carl M 1878, Dec 29 Bellevue, MI Reams, Uria Reams, Mary E.
Reed, Flora May F 1884, Apr 8 Charlotte, MI Reed, Lorenzo Reed, -elm M.
Roberts, Orsen M 1878, Mar 8 Bellevue, MI Roberts, A. Roberts, Matilda
Robinson, Lulu F 1878, Feb 23 Bellevue, MI Robinson, H. S. Robinson, Marietta
Shaw, George D. M 1880, Dec 18 Vermontville, MI Shaw, Benjamin Shaw, Mary J.
Simon, Olive F 1878, Dec 21 Bellevue, MI Simon, Lewis Simon, Ellen
Stine, Jacob M 1880, Jul 11 Vermontville, MI Stine, William Stine, Alice G.
Stoner, Hazel May F 1884, Jul 19 Charlotte, MI Stoner, Geo T. Stoner, Emma
Walraite, Clam B. M 1884, Feb 5 Charlotte, MI Walraite, O. F. Walraite, Emma
Wells, Fred C. M 1884, Oct 27 Charlotte, MI Wells, Henry E. Wells, Minnie V.
Wiles, Richard M 1878, Jul 29 Bellevue, MI Wiles, Henry Wiles, Sarah

Wilson, Wilber L.


1884, Mar 24

Wilson, Herbert

Wilson, Anna

York, Ada


1880, May 21

Vermontville, MI

York, John B.

York, Mary

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