GEORGE MARTENS, a representative farmer of Kalamo township and a native son, of Eaton county, was born in Bellevue township, March 29, 1843. His father, John Martens, was born in Hanover, Germany, in November, 1791, and died in Bellevue township; in 1862. The mother, whose maiden name was Anna Garmes, was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1817, and died in Bellevue township, in 1884. They were married in the fatherland, where they remained until 1842, when they immigrated to America, coming immediately to Eaton county, where George Garmes, a brother of Mrs. Martens, had previously located. Mr. Martens bought one hundred acres of land in Bellevue township, being one of the early settlers of that section of the county. A few acres had been cleared and a small log cabin erected on the place. They took up their residence in this forest lodge in 1843, and the father reclaimed a considerable portion of his farm to cultivation, continuing to reside on the homestead until his death. He also purchased twenty acres in Kalamo township, holding the entire one hundred and forty acres until he was summoned to the life eternal. John Martens was twice married, two children having been born of his first union- Gerd, who died in May, 1893, in the state of New York, leaving five children, three of whom are living; and Adeline, who is the wife of Marks Wintjen, residing in the state of New York, their children being three in number. Of the three children of the second marriage the subject of this sketch was the first born. John, who is a prosperous farmer of Kalamo township, married Adelaide Jackson, and they have nine children. Henry, who died April 3, 1891, lived with his mother until her death, having been a farmer in Bellevue township at the time of his demise. The parents were devout members of the Methodist Episcopal church, and in politics the father was a stanch Republican. George Martens rendered his aid in reclaiming and operating the home farm, and his educational advantages were limited to the district schools of the locality and period. At the age of twenty-one years he began his independent career, but continued to work the home farm for his mother until he was thirty eight years of age. Before the death of the loved mother he and his youngest brother bought the interest of their brother John in the estate and a few years later our subject sold his interest to his brother Henry. In 1873 Mr. Martens was associated with his mother and brother Henry in the purchase of eighty acres of wild land in section 33, Kalamo township, and in 1880 the subject of this sketch, by a satisfactory exchange with his mother and brother, came into sole possession of this farm, upon which he has since made his home, while he has developed the same into one of the valuable places of the township, sixty acres being available for cultivation, while the buildings erected by him are of substantial order. He has also purchased an adjoining forty acres, twelve acres being under cultivation, while he has removed the timber from the greater portion of the remainder, utilizing the same for pasture. Mr. Martens is a stanch Republican, but has never sought political office of any sort. December 24, 1867, he was united in marriage to Miss Hattie Jenks, who was born and reared in this state, being a daughter of Rev. George W. and Hattie (Chamberlin) Jenks, both of whom were born in Vermont, the mother's death occurring in Livingston county, Michigan, and that of the father in Ingham county, in 1895, at which time he was seventy-eight years of age. Mr. Jenks, who was a clergyman of the Baptist church and also a farmer, was thrice married, his second union having been with Delia Clark, and the maiden name of his third wife having been Sage. Of the two children of the first marriage Mrs. Martens is the younger. Sarah, who died in Brighton, Livingston county, married Grant Burgess, and is survived by five children. By the second marriage of Mr. Jenks two children were born: Mary, a resident of Battle Creek, is the widow of E. D. Gould and has one son; Charles, who married Flora Taylor, resides in the city of Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Martens have six children: John, born November 4, 1868, resides in the village of Bellevue; he married Gertrude Barnes and they have one child, Alberta. May, born March 28, 1870, is the wife of Edwin Boyd, of Kalamo township; Charles, born November 14, 1871, and now a resident of Bellevue township, married Miss Leo Perkins, and they have one child, Wayne; William, born October 19, 1873, resides in a portion of the parental home and has charge of the farm; he first married Florence Mason, who is survived by one son, Edwin, her death having occurred in March, 1903; the second marriage was to Iva Baker, and the one child of this union is Dorothy; Edward Burgess Martens, born July 19, 1815, is a resident of Kalkaska county; Luretta, born September 13, 1880, is the wife of Tyler Lyon, of Kalamo township, and they have one child, Clarisa.