FREDERICK ALLEN is one of the representative farmers and sterling citizens of Sunfield Township, where he has maintained his home for more than forty years. He was born in Livingston County, New York, April 29, 1835, and is a son of Hiram and Mary B. (Odell) Allen, both of whom were natives of the old Empire state. The father was killed by a falling tree, in Genesee County, Michigan, when the subject of this sketch was seventeen years of age. The mother died in 1902, at the age of eighty years. Of the seven children, four are living, -- David, who resides at Davison Station, Genesee County; Richard, who is likewise a resident of that place, as is also George; and Frederick, who is the immediate subject of this sketch. Hiram Allen was engaged in farming in New York until 1844, when he came with his family to Michigan, passing the first year in the vicinity of the City of Detroit and then removing to Genesee county, where he purchased a small farm, his death there occurring a few years later. Frederick Allen was afforded the advantages of the common schools, and as a youth he learned the carpenter's trade, becoming a good workman. After the death of his father he lived with his maternal grandparents, in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, until he had attained to the age of twenty-seven years. He thereafter continued to follow his trade, in Ohio, about two years, at the expiration of which, in 1865, he came to Michigan and located on his present homestead farm. He purchased one hundred and two acres, in section 36, Sunfield Township, the timber having been felled upon about thirty acres. He erected a log house and this continued to be the family home for many years, finally being replaced by the present substantial frame residence. Mr. Allen has reclaimed about eighty acres of his land to cultivation, and the improvements throughout are of excellent type. He now rents the farm to his stepson and is living practically retired. He is a citizen who has ever maintained a strong hold upon the esteem of his fellow men and his life has been filled with earnest toil and endeavor. He is a supporter of the principles and policies of the Republican Party and has been at all times ready to aid in all enterprises and movements tending to advance the general welfare of the community. In 1859 Mr. Allen was united in marriage to Miss Vashti Bosworth, who was born in Ohio a daughter of Samuel Bosworth, and her death occurred in the year 1887. Five children were born of this union, but all died in infancy. In 1889 Mr. Allen married Miss Betsey Edgell, who died six years later, leaving no children. In 1896, he married Mrs. Miranda J. Bosworth, widow of Goodwin Bosworth. She was born in the state of New York, October 29, 1843, being a daughter of William and Margaret (Sherman) Vander, the former of whom now resides in Fremont, Newaygo County, Michigan, and the latter of whom died at the age of thirty-two years. Mrs. Allen was but two years of age at the time of her parents removal to Michigan, where she was reared and educated, the family having located in Hillsdale County. In 1877 she married Goodwin Bosworth, who was a farmer of Sunfield Township, this County, where he died, leaving one child, Guy, who married Miss Mary Mc Carter, and who now rents the farm of his stepfather, as previously noted.

Note from Nancy (Bosworth) Tilford, daughter of Cecil and Louise Bosworth, Cecil was the son of Guy and (Ethel) Mae (McWhorter) Bosworth: According to Nancy's family research, the Past and Present of Eaton County has misprinted the correct wife of Guy Bosworth, he was married to Ethel May McWhorter, not Mary Mc Carter as stated in the article.