Section 34, Roxand Township

Eaton County, Michigan

(also known as "South Cemetery" see note below)


Located in section 34 of Roxand Township, on the east side of Mulliken Road, between Needmore Hwy on the south and Strange Road on the north. This cemetery is owned and maintained by Roxand Township and inactive. 

Reading done in the 1960's by Letha Phelps, Boyer/Hale Genealogist

Submitted by: Sue Thompson


OBIT Margaretta, wife of Theron Moyer, died April 19, 1878, age 36yr
Charlie T., son of T. E. & M. A. Moyer, died April 28, 1863, age 2m 7d
Hiram W., son of H. C. & Ann M. Olin, died August 4, 1861, age 12 yrs
Henry A. Moyer, born Feb 12, 1812, died July 17, 1856
OBIT Sabria Moyer, born Dec 3, 1812, died July 7, 1897
Mary D. (Moyer) born Nov 4, 1833, died Sept 3, 1846
James (Moyer) born June 4, 1843, died June 20, 1844
OBIT Carson H. (Moyer) born Apr 6, 1853, died March 20, 1870 - 
OBIT Janie S. (Moyer, dau. of H. A. & Amelia Moyer, died April 24, 1870, age 9m 19d 
OBIT  Margaret, wife of Henry Boyer, died Nov 26, 1881, in her 88 yr of her age
Harriet, wife of Leonard Trumble, died May 11, 1857, age 36y 1m 19d
Arsene J., dau. of Leonard & Harriet Trumble, died Sept 17, 1849, 1y 5m 2d
Harriet S., wife of S. Hollister, died Jan 22, 1862, age 28
Wm. H., son of E. & J. Granger, died Sept 7, 1856, 1 month
Benajah Carr, died Oct 12, 1855, age 62y 2m 18d
OBIT Gratia Carr, 1850-1900
J. W. Carr, 1841- 1903
Letitia P., wife of David Cooper, died Dec 30, 1856, 26y 24d
J. H. Carr, 1846-1912
OBIT Henry Boyer, born Dec 3, 1813, died June 28, 1888
OBIT Catherine Newman Boyer, born 22 Aug 1817, died 14 Jan 1841
OBIT Joram (Boyer), born June 10, 1848, died Sept 20, 1864
Reuben (Boyer), born Sept 5, 1844, died Apr 11, 1846
Ermina (Boyer), born May 8, 1852, died July 10, 1852
Mercy, dau. of J. & E. F. Barnum, died May 5, 1866, 5days
OBIT R. W. Smart, 1820-1885, Father
E. A. Smart, 1821-1885, Mother
OBIT A. E. Smart, 1863-1887, Sister
OBIT  (John W. Smart) Brother, 1852-1881
OBIT Leroy, son of F. B. & J. I. Doxsie, died Feb 27, 1886, 6m 16d
Willie, son of J. &. E. F. Barnum, died Mar 16, 1879, age 1y 12d
OBIT Curtier (Fletcher), died Mar 18, 1884, age 6y 10m 11d
OBIT Floyd C. (Fletcher), died Mar 17, 1884, 8y 8m 12d, Children of A. J. & H. A. Fletcher
Nellie A. Tubbs, 1811-1886
Elijah (Haddix), died Apr 27, 1878, age 1d
Elisha (Haddix), died Apr 29, 1878, age 3d, children of Wm. & H. I. Haddix
Joseph Barnum, D. Feb 5, 1872, age 78y (piece of tombstone)
OBIT Laura Belle Boyer, dau. of J. W. & F. A. Boyer, died Jan 14, 1881, age 1y 2m 29d
H. B.
OBIT Freddie J., son of E. F. & R. J. Keefer, died Feb 24, 1884, age 2y 8m 18d - 
OBIT George W. Codding, 1817-1855
OBIT Anna (Codding), His wife, 1822-1908 
Wm. Cummings, died Aug 17, 1840, age 46y 5m 6d
OBIT Mary/Maria/Marianne Boyer Cummins, d. abt. 1842
OBIT Thomas M. Armstrong, born Apr 1, 1852, died May 24, 1899, Doctor
OBIT Helen Berry Armstrong, born May 15, 1858, died Dec 17, 1903
Rebecca, dau. of T. M. & H. E. Armstrong, died Feb 28, 1879, age 2y 8m 6d
OBIT John W. McCargar and Lucy, his wife
OBIT Adam Boyer, born Herkimer Co., N. Y. Aug 22, 1817, died Eaton Co. Oct 3, 1897
Eliza, wife of Adam Boyer, died July 4, 1868, age 42y 4m 6d
Edward L., son of Israel & Julia A. Newman, died Feb 3, 1861, age 6y 5m 12d
Willie, son of David & Amanda H. Beeman or Pelman, died Aug 2, 1860?, age 1y 11m
OBIT Jeremiah B. K. Boyer, 1873-1894
Benjamin R., son of J. & M. J. Boyer, died Nov 27, 1866 age 4m 7d
Susan, wife of B.C. Carr, died Sept 14, 1871, 65y 6m 1d
OBIT Elias Boyer, died Mar 27, 1894, age 60
OBIT Cordelia VanNortwick/Boyer, died 7 March 1917
OBIT Nancy Bedford Allen, born Nov 19, 1813, died Jan 14, 1899
Elias Bedford, Feb, 14, 1810-June 2, 1872
Zuinless A., son of P. Z. & B. E. Skinner, died Oct 5, 1857, 1y 3m 25d
W. H. VanNortwick, Aug 1, 1849-Aug 23, 1889
Mary Ann, dau. of Geo.& M. VanNortwick, died Aug 25, 1862, age 4mo
Caroline M. (Bedford), died Jan 18, 1858, 17y 11m 11d
Emily J. (Bedford), died Apr 21, 1858, 8yr. 9m 23d, daughters of Elias & Nancy Bedford
Addison G., son of J. E. & Syrena Davis, died Jan 22, 1857, age 4m 11d
Wm. M., son of E. & G. Boyer, died Dec 3, 1865, age 2m 22d
Jorum Boyer, died Mar 17, 1872, age 58 yr, Our Father
Rev. Leonard Dewey, died Feb 12, 1878, age 41y 5m 3d
Algie (Dewey), died Dec 6, 1874, age 5m 20d
D. Witte C. (Dewey), died Feb 14, 1878, age 2y 1m 28d, children of L. & M. Dewey
Benjamin Hathaway, died Jan 12, 1857, age 45
Benjamin J., son of Ben. & E. O. Hathaway, died Nov 23, 1852, 9d
Sarah A. (Darken), died Aug 7, 1859, age 17y 9m 21d
Mary M. (Darken), died Apr 6, 1863 age 23y, wives of Wm. H. Darken
Infant Dau. of Wm. H. and S. A. Darken, died Aug 1, 1859, age 2d
OBIT Edith E., dau. of Wm. H. & M. E. Darken, Jan 10, 1881, age 1y 22d
OBIT Nancy, wife of Joseph Boyer, died Feb 19, 1880, age 83y 5m 14d
Joseph Boyer, died Jan 3, 1861, age 71y 10m 14d, Our Father



This is the reference found that Moyer Cemetery was also known as "South Cemetery". It's from the  cemetery records and burial report of Indigent Soldiers, Sailors and Marines of Eaton County Michigan, page 35, years 1886-1912."Application and acceptance of application for burial costs of Elias Boyer. Applied by widow, Cordelia and daughter at home, daughter nearly blind who both reside in Roxand Township, Eaton County Michigan. He was a soldier-private in the Civil War, Co., M; 6th Michigan Cavalry. Died 27 Mar 1894 at home and buried 29 Mar 1894.  Burial at South Cemetery, Roxand. Occupation: Farmer. Costs, $35 burial + $5 for other necessary expenses, total $40. Dated 9 Oct 1894, by M. W. Thompson, Commissioner." (See Moyer cemetery records of Letha Phelps- "Elias Boyer, died Mar 27, 1894
age 60") 

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