Grand Ledge, Oneida Township

Eaton County, Michigan


"X - Y - Z" Surnames


Name Date of Birth Date of Death Interment Sec - Lot - Grave Place of Death Cause of Death

Place of Birth

Parents Maiden Name Spouse Veteran Age at Death Notes Funeral Home Last Residence
Yeakey, Clayton Russell   Oct. 14, 1983 Oct. 17, 1983 Sec. L-222-3 Lansing, Michigan Cardio Respiratory Arrest           74Y   Peters & Murray Grand Ledge, Michigan
Yeakey, Dorothy L.   Dec. 20, 1985 Dec. 23, 1985 Sec. L-222-4 Delta Twp. Michigan Renal Failure           73Y   Peters & Murray Grand Ledge, Michigan
Yeoman, Charles O. 1886 1948   Sec. C                      
Yeoman, Nellie B. 1890 1975   Sec. C                      
Yeomans, Charles D. 1886 1948   Sec. C                      
Yeomans, Lois   Oct. 24, 1987 Oct. 27, 1987 Sec. I-74-4 Lansing, Michigan Cardiovascular accident Coma           55Y   Holihan  
Yeske, Gerald Oscar 1939 Aug. 19, 1980 Aug. 21, 1980 Sec. L-3-3 Grand Ledge, Michigan Electrocution           41Y   Peters & Murray  
Yoemans, Lois D.  1932 1987   Sec. I                      
Yorks, Elijah 1868 1944   Sec. C                      
Young, A Roy 1890 1913   Sec. 1-10-2           Martha Harriet          
Young, Charles F 1879 1961   Sec 3-12-5           Mertie Gay          
Young, Emma Augusta 1857 1910   Sec. B                      
Young, Martha, Harriett 1856 1924   Sec.1-10-1                      
Young, Mertie Gay 1898 1961   Sec. 3-12-6           Charles R. YOUNG          
Young, Oren J.   1911                 Spanish Am. War 30Y 8M 2D      
Young, Theo Orville   Aug. 13, 1983 Aug. 16, 1983 Sec. L-200-6 Grand Ledge, Michigan Lung Cancer           66Y   Holihan Grand Ledge, Michigan
Youngs,     In Mausoleum Teir 4-8                      
Youngs,     In Mausoleum Teir 4-9                      
Youngs, George W. 1844 1923 In Mausoleum Teir 4-10                      
Youngs, Larry E. 1930     Sec. H                      
Yurek, Gregory a. 1956 1980   Sec. I                      
Zaborowski, Bethany S. 1940 Oct. 2, 1991 Nov. 1991 Sec. B-261-3 Lansing, Michigan Car Accident               Tiffany Lansing, Michigan
Zachariah, Bertha M. 1875 1958   Sec. L-K                      
Zachariah, Ford M. 1870 1953   Sec. L-K                      
Zachariah, Margaret H. 1904 Nov. 5, 1987 Nov. 9, 1987 Sec. L-K-146-4 Toledo, Ohio             78Y   Gary Walker  
Zacharias, Forence G. 1910     Sec. I                      
Zacharias, Tom C. 1910 1971   Sec. I                      
Zaikoweski, Leo     May 13, 1985 Sec. L-167-6                   Holihan  
Zaikowski, Duane I. 1941 1973   Sec. L-K                      
Zaikowski, Leo J. 1915     Sec. L-K                      
Zaikowski, Rosetta M. Sept. 30, 1929 May 23, 1999 May, 27, 1999 Sec. L-167-2 Grand Rapids, Michigan   Clinton Co. Thomas H. & Maude (Kalgerider) LAW   Ruth ZAILOWKSKI   88Y   Peters & Murray  
Zellman, Nellie M. 1882 1920   Sec. E                      
Zenkes, Ethel       06-20-5                      
Zischke, Ruby C. 1937 1969   Sec. L-K                      


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