Section 31, Sunfield Township

Eaton County, Michigan

Submitted by: Cindy Bowers





Last First Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death Age at death Parents names Spouse Notes Epitaph
H/stone  Betz Anna E. Mar. 5, 1861 18Y 7M 4D John B. BETZ
Betz John Jul. 1861 Baby John & A. E. BETZ Anna E.
H/stone  Cupp Eli M. Aug 5, 1843 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan Oct. 10, 1845 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan 2Y 2M 5D Joseph & Mary (Hager) CUPP Child
H/stone  Cupp Ellen R. 1846 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan
H/stone  Cupp Hilda Ann 1848 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan Oct. 21, 1849 17Y Joseph & Mary (HAGER) CUPP
H/stone  Cupp Joseph Nov. 11. 1816 Somerset Co., Pennsylvania Mar 4, 1868 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan 50Y 3M 20D Frederick & Maria 'Mary' (Shultz) CUPP Sr. Mary HAGER Long thy memory will we cherish, And in sweet remembrance keep, Hallowed be thy place of resting, Calm and quiet be thy sleep
H/stone  Foot Stone E A M.
H/stone  Foot Stone E. H
Foot Stone E. R. C.
H/stone  Foot Stone J. H.
Foot Stone M. M. H.
H/stone  Hager Myron S. Feb. 9, 1863 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan Jun. 18, 1863 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan 4M 9D Samuel & Carol (WICKHAM) HAGER
H/stone  Hager Anna Christianna (BETTS) 1832 Somerset Co., Pennsylvania Jan. 26, 1873 Michigan 45Y 7M 14D Jacob HAGER Jacob HAGER Marr. Abt. 1844 Sunfield, Eaton Co., MI
Hager Cyrus M. Dec. 27. 1853 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan Jun. 6, 1863 7M 10D Samuel & C. HAGER
H/stone  Hager Daniel Sr Jun 8, 1782 Hagerstown, Washington Co., Maryland Aug. 23, 1888 Vermontville, Eaton Co., Michigan Jonathan 'John' & Maria B. (Miller) Hauger
H/stone  Hager Elizabeth Dec. 7, 1862   William HAGER
H/stone  Hager James H. Feb. 1, 1816 Somerset Co., Pennsylvania Jan. 19, 1855 Woodland, Barry Co., Michigan 39Y 19D Josiah Daniel & Mary (Cramer) HAGER Mary NICHOLS Marr. Jan. 3, 1848 Somerset, Pennsylvania
H/stone  Hager John C. Fremont 1856 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan Sept. 11, 1888 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan 31Y 10M 2D Jacob H. & Anna Christianna (Betts) HAGER
H/stone  Hager Mary M.  "Polly" (YOWLER) Dec. 10, 1810 Ohio Nov. 20, 1882 Woodland, Barry Co., Michigan   Isaac YOWLER Joseph HAGER Marr. Sommerset, Pennsylvania
Hager Maryetta Jul. 22, 1851 Woodland, Barry Co., Michigan Nov. 2, 1849 Woodland, Barry Co., Michigan Joseph H. & Mary M. (Yowler) HAGER George RUTH These Lovely Buds so young and fair called hence to early doom. Just came to show what sweet flowers, In paradise may bloom.
H/stone  Hager Matilda E. 1846 Vermontville, Eaton Co., Michigan Sept. 10, 1848 Vermontville, Eaton Co., Michigan 5M 18D Jacob & Anna Christianna (BETTS) HAGER Child
H/stone  Hager Sarah 1847 Woodland, Barry Co., Michigan Aug. 29, 1850 Eaton Co., Michigan Joseph & Mary M. "Polly" (YOWLER) HAGER
H/stone  Hager Susannah (CRAMER) Nov. 3, 1789 Milford Twp., Somerset Co., Pennsylvania Nov. 11, 1850 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan 61Y 8M Adam & Hannah (RAMBO) CRAMER Sr. Daniel HAGER Sr. Marr. Sommerset, Pennsylvania
H/stone  Hager William Feb 6, 1817 Somerset Co., Pennsylvania May 4, 1879 Daniel Sr. & Susannah (CRAMER) HAGER Elizabeth ?
H/stone  Hager Anna M. July 24, 1859 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan Sept. 28, 1865 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan 6Y 2M 4D Jacob & Anna (Betz) HAGER Child
H/stone  Hager Daniel E. Feb. 1843 Woodland, Barry Co., Michigan Aug. 2, 1846 Woodland, Barry Co., Michigan 3Y 6M John & Mary (Yowler) HAGER
Hager Joseph May 1807 Somerset, Pennsylvania Jul. 15, 1871 Woodland, Barry Co., Michigan 62Y 2M Daniel Josiah & Mary (Crammer) HAGER
H/stone  Lowrie Nellie Sept. 1, 1875 1Y 1M 25D W. M. & M. E. LOWRIE Gone but not forgotten
H/stone  Mapes Ester Ann Feb. 21, 1834 Somerset Co., Pennsylvania Apr. 17, 1862 Eaton Co., Michigan John & Nancy (IRWIN) HAUGER Albert MAPES Marr. Aug. 19. 1849 Woodland, Barry Co., MI
H/stone  Rhodes Ann (MISHLER) 1837 1870 Absolum RHODES
H/stone  Rupe Harriet L. Apr. 4, 1881 35Y 3M 20D Wm. H. RUPE
H/stone  Rupe Leroy Dec. 18, 1873 5Y 2M ?D W. H. & H. L RUPE
H/stone  Sheldon Lydia Sept. 17, 1816 19Y 9M 21D Harvey N. SHELDON Headstone Broken
Snoke Eliza Dec 22, 1865 Michigan Jan. 12, 1866 21 D Jacob & Eve (MISHLER) SNOKE There are no partings in heaven
H/stone  Whitney Howard Jan. 23, 1874 9M 10D D. H. & B. E. WHITNEY God gave, He took, He will restore. He doeth all things well
H/stone  Wickham Sarah "Sally" HAUGER Jun. 7, 1814 Somerset  Co., Pennsylvania Mar. 27, 1857 Sunfield, Eaton Co., Michigan 42Y 9M 20D Josiah Daniel WICKHAM Marr. Jul. 7, 1841 Vermontville, Eaton Co., MI



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