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Name Sec-Lot-Plot Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Interment Date Funeral Home Age Parents Maiden Name Spouse Veteran Notes
Yeoman, Retah Maxine E/44/04 1916   December  25, 1981 Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan                  
Yeoman, Robert E/44/03 1912   February  8, 1978 Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan                  
Yerks, Benjamin A B3/47/01 1864   August  31, 1945                    
Yerks, Emerson O/11/02     December  21, 1903 Delta Twp., Eaton Co., Michigan (No Headstone)                  
Yerks, Ervin L.  B3/52/05 1909   1958 Sp. Yerks on Headstone                  
Yerkes, Fern Elizabeth B3/52/04 1911   September  1, 1973 Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan                  
Yerks, M. E. O/11/01 1897   1903           WM & E YERKES        
Yerks, Myrtle E. B3/47/02 1879   November  2, 1919 Delta Twp., Eaton Co., Michigan                  
York, Samatha Alexa F/32/05     January  9, 1994 Eagle, Clinton Co., Michigan                  
Zachariah, O/108/04 1857   1857         Baby          
Zachariah, George O/108/01     1909                    
Zachariah, George O/108 April 14, 1829   May 7, 1906 Delta Twp., Eaton Co., Michigan                  
Zachariah, Josephine O/108/02 1936   1882                    
Zakrajsek, William Duane H/3B/02 1937   December  1, 1995                 Was a Vet.  
Zdybel, Jean I. G/102/03 1929   September  27, 1998 Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan           SINCLAIR      
Zeidell, Viola G. G/146/03 November  19, 1915   August  22, 1900 Jackson, Michigan                  
Zwieg, Elmer O. “Bill” F/98/02 1921   August  3, 1991 Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan                  

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