Luther Boomer Bosworth

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Luther Boomer BOSWORTH , son of John BOSWORTH Rev. and Hannah LUTHER, was born on August 3, 1798 in Herkimer County, New York, died on March 27, 1881 in Roxand Township, Eaton County Michigan at age 82, and was buried in Welch Cemetery, Sunfield Township, Eaton County, Michigan. The cause of his death was Dropsy.

Luther and Lomyra Kelly Bosworth were both citizens of New York State, the former having been born there in 1798. Their son Kelly was a native of Ohio, where his birth occurred in 1824. The parents of the lad were industrious, and from choice as well as necessity, educated their son in habits of industry, which enabled him in after years to attain success by his own efforts. He remained under the parental roof until he had attained majority, when, after an interval of two years of labor at the east, he sought a home in the wilds of Michigan, and purchased one hundred and thirty acres in Chester township. Returning to Ohio, he married Miss Almira, daughter of Francis and Lucinda Bark, who united with him in the task of making a home in the state of their adoption. Mr. Bosworth was noted as a skillful hand with the ax. He chopped during the first four years of his residence in Michigan two hundred acres, and has never, while at this branch of labor, averaged less than half an acre per day. His only tools on starting were an axe and shovel, with which he has hewn and dug his way to success. He has now two hundred and eighteen acres, most of which is highly improved. Mr. and Mrs. Bosworth have five children living, Granger F., Francis F., Lucina L., Myron K., and Edwin L., the first of whom is married to Miss Eva Town, of Illinois, and now resides at Sunfield. Mrs. Bosworth enjoys a wide reputation for integrity in the township of his residence. His preferences in politics are with the Republican Party.

Luther Boomer Bosworth was a shoemaker and a farmer. He and Lomyra seem to have been living in Western New York near Rochester, New York. About 1823, they removed to Cuyahoga County, Ohio and took up land in Cuyahoga County, reclaiming it from the wilderness. Here Lomyra died. Luther married second wife Lucy Sprague in 1824 and farmed in Royalton, Ohio according to the U. S. census of 1830 to 1850. Luther and Lucy came with daughter Julia and son-in-law Aaron Bark to Eaton County, Michigan in 1853. Luther acquiring farms in Chester and Sunfield Township. Thirteen children. Luther was a member of the Christian Church.

Children from this marriage were:

i. Daughter BOSWORTH died in 1818 in Perrington, Monroe County, New York.  She died before Maturity

ii. Myron Kelly BOSWORTH was born on March 7, 1820 in Perrington, Monroe County, New York.

iii. Nancy S. BOSWORTH was born on February 24, 1822 in Rochester, New York and died in 1889 in Webberville, Ingham County, Michigan at age 67. Nancy married Smith CURTIS in 1850 in Perrington, near Rochester, New York. Smith was born on October 21, 1821 in Huntington, Fairfield County, Connecticut.

iv. Leo Kelly BOSWORTH [689] was born on January 1, 1824 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, died on April 15, 1908 in Chester Township, Eaton County, Michigan at age 84, and was buried on April 18, 1908 in Welch Cemetery, Sunfield Township, Eaton County, Michigan.

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